Lauren + Ben 2014.07.19

Everyone can appreciate the phrase "love at first sight", but a love marathon of 8 years in the case of Ben and Lauren is the kind we find most touching. Though he's waited 8 years for this day, the last few seconds spent waiting for Lauren to tap his shoulder might have been the longest for Ben. Held at Liberty Grand, It is in witnessing him tearing up before turning around for the first look of Lauren, that really gave life to the photographs produced. Same goes for the rest of the day, which was filled with genuine exchange of loving emotions, not only keeping us engaged emotionally but also made for wonderful captured moments. Not to mention they play with crossbows and rifles, which we always welcome anything thats catered to personal taste in order to make for a more unique experience for both parties! 

Thanks Ben and Lauren, Congratulations! 


John + Melissa Engagement

It was a fun and busy morning when we met with Melissa and John at Toronto's Distillery district, many street vendors attracted a healthy crowd of morning shoppers, which added a nice feel to some of our shots. This was a very successful connection session for us and we could not be happier with the results! From reading maps to picking up a camera, holding a kiss in the crowd or spinning in the alley way, Melissa and John are amazingly fun and a very happy couple, thanks to their input and preparations we were able to create much more personalized photographs which we hope will always help to put a smile on their faces. It was such a pleasure to work with the couple, looking forward to their big day in July!


Bonnie + Will

Wow! When was the last time you saw a bride kicking around in running shoes and weilding a baseball bat?   Bonnie and Will's wedding day was nothing short of spectacular as we achieved all the photo and video objectives, and we could not be more greatful to have been blessed with plenty of time to get the shots we need.
This bright and hot day was perfect for the sporty wedding party to get out and have a ton of fun, and being junkies for unique ideas, we loved this shooting opportunity.
If you are planning your big day, hopefully we have inspired some custimization to make you day abit more personal.
Congratualtions Bonnie and Will, you guy rock!

Angela + Stephano

Angela and Stephano's wedding day was wonderful and lovely. Accompanied by family and friends, they got ready at their houses in the morning and held a beautiful ceremony at the church of their cozy neighbourhood. As unpredictable as some wedding days can get, this early june wedding was surprisingly smooth thanks to the precise execution of the newly wed couple and their wedding party, and of course extended thanks to all the family and friends who lent a helping hand. From homemade snacks to DIY ring security box, needless to say we really felt that everyone cared a great deal about Angela and Stephano, and really enjoyed documenting genuine exchange of feelings between loved ones.

After the ceremony we went to McMichael Art Gallery for portraits and then headed to Magnolia Event Boutique on the west end of Toronto where we spent the rest of the day.

Excited to share some moments of the day, and congratulations to Angel and Stephano!

Candy + Scott

Candy and Scott's big day! A day of harmonious mixtures of cultures and just the right blend of people at the Distillery district in the heart of Toronto. Also a good day at work for the studio! While we are always nice and approachable, we mean business when it comes to fulfilling our vision in photographs. It is one of our favorite parts of the day as we walk through the area, photographing what jumps at the eye, because we have the chance to do more than just document, we can help create memories and elicit feelings for the couple, making the photograph more valuable. Congratulations again!