Polk Liang

Chief Photographer

WPPI, ISPWP, PWPC, and Master of Wedding Photographer North America Award Winner
Senior Commercial Photographer

ISPWP Fall 2018 Contest 1st Place
The PWPC Top Wedding Photographers of 2018 Top 2
PWPC Fall 2018 Contest 1st Place
PWPC Summer 2018 Contest 2nd Place
PWPC Spring 2018 Contest 3rd Place
PWPC Winter 2018 Contest 3rd Place
WPPI 2018 3rd Place Winner
WPPI 2018 Gold Prize Winner
WPPI 2018 Competition 9 Silver Prize Winner

Master of Wedding Photography North America 2018 1st Round 4 Award Winner
The PWPC Top Wedding Photographers of 2017 Top 4
PWPC Fall 2017 Contest Judge
PWPC Summer 2017 Contest 2nd Place
PWPC Spring 2017 Contest 5th Place
PWPC Winter 2017 Contest 6th Place
ISPWP Spring 2017 Contest 11th Place
WPPI 2017 Competition 9 Silver Prizes Winner
WPPI 2016 Competition Gold Prize Winner
WPPI 2016 Competition Silver Prize Winner

Polk's Awards and Honorable Mentions