Our Toronto wedding videographer and cinematographer team create beautiful, visually stunning stories that truly capture your special day. From engagement, pre-wedding, love stories, to the big wedding day, our videographers are ready to capture all of the details. If you are looking for a modern look, black and white, blush or romantic, we’ve done it all. Have a look at our videography gallery and you will see how we used different editing styles to work best with each location. With one team and one dream in mind, we promise to capture the laughter and love of your special day for you to enjoy for years. Embark upon your once in a lifetime experience, and know that AgI will be right behind to capture every memorable second.

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They say you never forget your wedding day, and with a beautifully shot wedding video that will certainly be true. Every moment of your wedding day is precious and our wedding videographers will be there to capture it all. From the intimate moments leading up to the ceremony to the joyous celebration after, wedding videography is about capturing the moment you cemented your love for you to rewatch and enjoy for years to come.

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Same Day Edit

Not everyone wants to wait to see their wedding video. Same day edit videography means you can re-experience your special day before its even over! With same day edit, our wedding videographer will edit a highlight video that will allow you to play it later at your reception. Guests will be stunned to experience all of the intimate moments leading up to the event they missed out on. These short clips are a great way to wow guests and share your love story with them.

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Love Story

Our love story videos are customized videos that show off a couple’s individual love story. Our cinematographer will take the time to learn about you, being sure to capture your personality and story. It can include anything you want, from how you met, fell in love, got engaged, and even advice from loved ones. Whether you show it at the reception or privately share it later, a personalized love story video is a great way to capture your own epic tale.

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Destination weddings are always ones to remember. Destination wedding videos capture the local style and allow you to share the special day for those who couldn’t make the trip, making them feel like they were right there with you. Whether it’s a romantic castle in France or a tropical beach in The Bahamas, our wedding videographer will capture the beauty of the couple, the ceremony, and the location.

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Toronto Wedding Videographer

What is included in a normal video package?

The normal video package includes a short video and a long story. The short film is tailored to the the requirements of the guests by our professional editors. Depending on the content, the length of each film varies between 3-6 minutes. The long story is the content recorded in one day, edited chronologically, and edited into a video about an hour long or so with music for the family and guests who are not present to see the whole process of the wedding. The video will be a record of the big day for the newly-weds.

How long does it take to edit the wedding video?

It usually takes about eight weeks to edit and compile the wedding video. Once it is finished it will be delivered on a custom USB.

What do we need to do to prepare for the video shooting?

Two weeks before the wedding, we will have a final meeting with the newly-weds to go through the final process of the wedding. At that time we will make suggestions for some areas that can be improved, and this is also a good time for everyone to get to know and get familiar with each other. Once the contract is signed, you will receive a questionnaire to fill out. This questionnaire will provide you with more information and give your wedding videographer the chance to learn more about you.

Can we suggest any ideas we would like included in the video?

Of course, we are always happy to hear our clients ideas. We will try our best to achieve everything you can think of. If you feel that your idea needs some early preparation or implementation, it is better that you mention to us during the earlier meetings or when we sign the contract. You can also reference some of the pre-marriage shooting services we offer. Often times, these small details and additional shots will make your wedding more distinctive and tailored to your individual needs.

Can we include our own video clips into the wedding videos in addition to the content the videographer shoots?

Yes, of course. We will be happy to integrate video material that our clients have provide. We will carefully select the best moments and include them into the videos. These materials that have been taken in the past do not have to be high quality or taken by professional equipment. We want to see everything you can provide even if it is a dated video that is very low resolution. The bits and pieces of your life record the most important moments of the past can definitely complete the circle of your and enrich your love story videos.

What exactly is add-on shooting? Why do you recommend this add-on service?

Add on video is to get some shots before the real wedding to better show a full picture of your life and your relationship story. The add -on video will not be played on the wedding day, but will be edited with other highlight. If you are interested in playing these shots on the wedding day, then you can choose our same day edit service, where we will integrate the shots during the daytime of your wedding day and you can play it during the dinner party and show what happened during your big day to your clients. If you choose to go with the Same Day Edit combo, we will still do a highlight video.

What is a save the date package?

A save the date video is like a trailer to a movie. Instead of sending out invitations, we inform your guests by means of a video. A save the date video is usually around a minute and half. We will have a meeting with our clients to decide on a creative idea of the video and try to make it as interesting as possible. The purpose of a save the date video is to inform your guests of your wedding date.

What is a love story shooting?

A love story is different from add on shooting and save the date videos. It is an independent short film about 3 – 5 minutes long and tells the story of how the newly-weds fell in love and their life experiences. This is a record of the bride’s and the groom’s life before the wedding and will be edited before the big day. Shots from this package can be used in the highlight edit to add more layers to the video. The difference between love story and add-on shooting is that clients do not get an independent edited video from add-on shooting and a love story shooting usually takes longer than an add-on shooting.

Is the highlight video entirely based on the editor's own opinion? Can we come up with specific requirements?

No, the highlight video is not based solely on the editor’s opinion. Usually, we will definitely confirm with the guests during the meeting if they have any specific requirements about video editing. It should be noted that the the final editing decisions would not entirely same with the clients ideas. We hope our clients can trust us with the final decisions in editing and that we will fully respect and reference the creative inputs of our clients.

Can I request a modification after receiving the film? Is there a limit on the number of modifications?

After receiving the final edit, you can require a modification up to three times. For the process to be most efficient, we kindly ask our clients to mark the timeline with the revised comments, and put all requests into one document and send to us. If you require any modifications, the more specific your description is, the better. For the long videos, the changes are more discretionary, so unless there are technical problems, we usually do not provide modification services for long videos.

I saw a video that I like on your website. Can I hire the same videographer to shoot at my wedding?

Yes, of course. If you have a preference of videographers, it works better if you inform us early so that we can help schedule that videogapher for you as soon as possible.

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