Kelly & Pete: Phuket Adventure

This time AGI was brought on to another cinematic experience in Pete’s homeland in Thailand. We would like to thank Kelly & Pete for allowing us to capture this wonderful union of two loving individuals, who knew that they were meant for each other.

This wonderful country is not only known for it’s rich culture, mouth-watering food, gorgeous beaches, but home to 90 per cent of Pete’s family. We are happy to see Kelly to be immersed with her new extended family where we see love mending two vastly different but connected cultures. This is Kelly’s first time in Thailand, and we are ecstatic with her to witness the beginning to an exciting journey.

As quoted by the couple, their story began with a “Hello,” just like how you envision it in a Hollywood movie, a moment in time, they were connected at the exact moment.

“Pete, Kelly, the way I see two look at each other, and the way you care so much about each. I think that is what everybody in the world is searching for. Now you’ve found it, don’t…let…go.”

From here, AGI would like to congratulate and give Kelly & Pete our blessings to forever celebrate their union, as they could find each other in this immensely large and complex world. The trip to Thailand was magical, and we love working with destination weddings that makes sentimental content for both the couple and our professional studio.

We hope to hear from you about your ideas. Don’t wait, we are here to execute your ideas! Don’t forget to dream big and dream bold, my friends.

Kind regards,

AGI Studio