What is a Micro Wedding?

Thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, the wedding industry has been thrown into chaos. Couples hoping to get married this year have had to make major adjustments to their plans. Some have opted to cancel or elope, while others have been embracing micro weddings.


So what exactly is a micro wedding?


What is a Micro Wedding?

A micro wedding is an intimate affair, usually with no more than 50 guests. Unlike an elopement, a micro wedding features all of the classic wedding traditions just on a smaller scale.


Advantages of a Micro Weddings

Sometimes smaller is better! Here are a few advantages of micro weddings according to our wedding photographers.


Save Money

Having fewer guests means having fewer costs. While micro weddings still have costs such as venue, wedding photographer, and a dress, you’ll save money when it comes to catering and alcohol. You can also usually find smaller more affordable venues.


More Intimate

Large weddings can be a great opportunity to catch up with distant relatives and old friends. Still, there’s something special about having only those closest to you there to witness one of your biggest life moments. Micro weddings are intimate affairs, that many couples love. Plus, a tighter guest list is a great excuse not to invite people you don’t want to.


Stay Within Guidelines

There are a lot of health and safety guidelines these days, and those aren’t going away any time soon. Micro weddings are great because they meet reduce capacity requirements, allow people to stay within their socializing bubble, and allow for social distancing.


Unique Event

There’s more freedom with a small celebration. You’ll have more venue options, can get more creative with décor, and can really break free of classic wedding traditions. Feel free to let your imagination run wild when planning a micro wedding as you won’t be confined by a ton of other people’s opinions or budget!


Still a Celebration

Eloping is great, but many people still want to celebrate their special day. Micro weddings are the best of both worlds. You get to save money while still celebrating with those closest to you. So get dressed up, take beautiful wedding photos, and dance the night away!


Planning a micro wedding? Don’t forget to capture the special, intimate affair! Contact us today to hire one of our amazing wedding photographers for your micro wedding.

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