3 Benefits of a Same Day Edit Wedding Video

They say a picture says a thousand words, but for a day as huge as a wedding, a thousand just isn’t enough! That’s where wedding videos come in. Wedding photos are a great way to capture key moments on the big day, while a wedding video captures everything in between. There are many different types of wedding videography, but one of our favorites at AGI Studio is Same Day Edits. Same Day Wedding videos give you immediate gratification and have many uses during the event. Here are some benefits of getting a same-day wedding video!


Include Wedding Ceremony

There are a few different types of wedding videos you can have your videographer do. The most popular ones are Love Story edits, which showcase the couple’s journey,  and are often shown during the ceremony but don’t include footage of the day, and the traditional wedding videos which aren’t ready until a few weeks after the big day.


The plus of a same-day edit is that you can include your wedding ceremony, as well as any additional love story footage, in the video! This allows you to see the ceremony from your guests’ eyes and share the vows with those that maybe couldn’t make it to the ceremony portion.


Show During Reception

A big reason people opt for love story edits, or a wedding slide show is that they want something it play during the reception. It’s a nice change in entertainment from dancing and speeches.


Same-Day Edits still require a few hours to put together, but if you have enough time between your ceremony and reception, especially at the end of it, it’s totally possible to have your wedding video play during the reception!


See Moments You Missed

The one downside of being the one getting married is that you do miss a lot of your wedding day. You’ll be busy getting ready, taking pictures, greeting guests, and overall just participating in the day. This means there will be little things you won’t see yourself, like guests’ reactions to the bride’s dress or candid moments while you’re occupied.


The benefit of a same-day edit is that you’ll get the chance to see all these! Our wedding videographers capture these little moments and include them, which really helps the happy couple feel like they’re a part of every moment of their big day.


Are you interested in the Same Day Edit for your wedding video? Contact AGI Studio today! Our team of experienced and talented wedding videographers would be honored to shoot your special day.

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