Founded in 2009, our studio focuses on professional wedding photography and cinematography. The name “AgI” comes from the chemical symbol of Silver Iodide, a compound used in older photographic practices due to its highly photosensitive properties. Silver also reflects the elegance and beauty of a perfectly captured moment; our ultimate goal every shoot. The unrivaled AgI team consists of experienced and passionate photographers/cinematographers, coming from commercial, editorial and fine arts backgrounds. Together, we aim to create joyful, flawless memories with our clients, and catch raw emotion through our detail-oriented work. With One Team and One Dream in mind, we promise to bring laughter and love, alongside fun and wonderful people. Embark upon your once in a lifetime experience, and know that AgI will be right behind to capture every graceful second.

Wedding Photography

Pre-Wedding Photography

Destination Photography

Engagement Photography

Everyone wants to have wedding photos that capture the magic of their special day. At AgI we make sure we capture every moment. Our wedding photographers are experienced and award-winning. They use a variety of techniques and styles to capture all of the special moments. They’ll be there to photograph the day to ensure you have beautiful memories to look at for years to come.

Wedding days can be stressful, and there is a ton for your wedding photographer to capture. Pre-wedding photo shoots give you the opportunity to capture some truly beautiful pictures without worrying about getting to your guests. We offer both local GTA and destination photoshoots.

Destination Wedding

Destination weddings are some of the most memorable. Our wedding photographer will accompany you to the location to capture every moment of the special day, as well as infuse the local style into the photos. We offer both wedding and pre-wedding destination photography. Our photographer will capture both the beauty of the local scenery and the love exuded on your special day.


Engagement photos are the first step in announcing your love and commitment to your friends and family. Our photographer will be sure to capture your unique love story and personalities. We shoot in a variety of styles, whether it’s formal and romantic or casual and fun. You said yes to the ring, now say yes to stunning photos that capture your love.


What is your photography style ?

This is the most frequently asked question from our clients. AGI studio photographers come from a variety of backgrounds including fashion, commercial and fine arts. We are able to utilize different shooting techniques and experiences for different moments on your big day. For example, during the ceremony, the reception and when you are getting ready, etc., the emphasis is on capturing the delicate emotional moments. For shooting outdoor, we put the emphasis on the light, shadow, composition and provide detailed guidance for posing. For retouching, we pay attention to the tones and colors of the photo. Since we have taken a lot of Asian Pre-wedding photo sessions that require posing guidance, we are more experiences in guiding poses than other photographers or studios.

Why are engagement photos important and necessary?

Engagement photo sessions are something we think are important and encourage all couples to consider. Not only do these sessions provide you photos to announce your love to the world, they also provide a vital opportunity for your and the photographer to get comfortable working together before the big day. We’ll work with you to make sure we can find an affordable package that includes engagement photos and pleases everyone.

What are the turnaround for Engagement, Pre-Wedding, and Wedding Photos?

Engagement and pre-wedding photos are usually ready in about 4 weeks. Wedding photos take a little longer, requiring 8-10 weeks but we work hard to deliver them as soon as possible. We will provide you with sneak peeks of the photos a week after the wedding.

Are all of the photos edited when we receive them?

Yes, we make sure to select and edit all of the photos for the clients before delivering them. We also take specific editing requests for all pre-wedding and engagement photos.

What if clients have different expectations than the final retouched and edited photos? What are the remedies?

We encourage clients to look at our portfolio of work before hiring us to make sure our style matches what they’re looking for. Our photographer will discuss certain things beforehand such as whether they like black and white, or colored photos. If a client is unhappy with the final product we can discuss it and come to a solution.

Is the shooting time continuous or intermittent?

The shooting time is calculated without intermission. From the start of shooting to the end, including the movement time between locations.

Favourite Locations

Casa Loma

Casa Loma is a tourist destination and a landmark that stands out from all the venues by being one of the oldest and buildings in Toronto. Casa Loma is the perfect location to have your engagment photos taken, with its historic architecture and vast green landscape makes it a popular spot for many couples.

Liberty Grand

As one of Toronto’s few traditional ballrooms, the Liberty Grand gracefully blends the exuberant Beaux Arts monumentality of the banquet rooms with the classical interior finishes to create the perfect location for a Toronto wedding.

Bluffs Park

The park is a 15km stretch and is right along the Lake Ontario shore, which acts as a beautiful background for your photos and allows us lots of room to be creative with your images. By using a variety of photo editing styles we can turn the Bluffers Park into a magical getaway.

Atlantis Pavillion

One of the few wedding locations where you can admire the beautiful Toronto skyline and magnificent waterfront views inside your wedding venue. Atlantis is one of the few places where you can experience your reception and ceremony at the same place.

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