How to Take Stress-Free Wedding Family Portraits

When it comes to wedding photos, one of the most important aspects are the family portraits. Couples want to take advantage of having all of their family in the same spot. Family portraits are a great way to mark family-mile stones. It gives family members a chance to show support for the couple and allows the couple to give thanks in return.


But boy can they be stressful. From family dynamics to interpersonal drama, it can be hard. Luckily our Toronto wedding photographers have a few tips to manage the stress of family portraits on your wedding day!


Make a Shot List

A shot list is simply a list of different groupings of people you want to get photos with. For formal family portraits on the wedding day, this is a must. Don’t upset grandma by forgetting to grab her for the big shot! Make sure to include descriptions (such as Bride’s Mom) as well as their names. This makes it easier for the photographer to herd and adjust people.


Keep it to Immediate Family

Most guests want to snag a shot with the happy couple, but limit the more formal wedding portraits to close family only. That means siblings, parents, and grandparents. Spouses or children of siblings should also be included. If you an extended family member that’s special such as a cousin or godmother feel free to include them. But let other guests and extended family know that you’ll be happy to take a more informal picture with them at the reception.


How to Take Stress-Free Wedding Family Portraits- AGI Studio


Communicate Times

Communication is key to keeping a wedding running smoothly. As your wedding photographer, we’ll give you a chunk of time for formal portraits so make sure all the people you want in these photos are aware. It’s also a good idea to assign someone who’s familiar with everyone to be a coordinator. That way they can go grab missing people without worrying the bride and groom.


Disclose any Family Drama

Look, no family is perfect. Weddings are a time of celebration, but that doesn’t mean family drama magically disappears. If there are any family dynamics that could cause tension please let us know! That way we won’t cause trouble by asking the Groom’s divorced parents to put their arm around one another.



Have Fun!

We know this is easier said than done. But your wedding day should be about celebration. It’s easy to get caught up in the stress of small details, but try to focus on the larger picture. You’re married! Grab a glass of wine, crack some jokes, and try to enjoy the moment. While family wedding portraits are more formal that doesn’t mean they have to be stiff!


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How to Take Stress-Free Wedding Family Portraits- AGI Studio

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