5 Things to Do Before Popping the Question

Are you thinking of finally getting engaged? If you ask anyone that’s in the wedding industry or has been married they’ll tell you this- A proposal should be a surprise, an engagement shouldn’t be. While the actual proposal can be a surprise, you should absolutely already be on the same page about getting engaged and married before you ask.  Proposing is a major relationship step, one that both people in the relationship should be on board with and discuss before you actually pop the question.


Here are a few simple things to do before you get down on one knee according to our wedding photographers.


Talk About Rings

When it comes to proposals, one of the biggest elements is the engagement ring. Before you shell out big bucks on a ring, you and your significant other should talk about what their ideal ring looks like. Pop into a jewelry store, browse online, or just ask them what they like. Your SO doesn’t have to pick out the exact ring, but you should at least know what they like. Discuss things like what type of gemstone, ring size, band metal and color, and budget. Trust us, there’s nothing worse than a beautiful proposal spoiled by the wrong ring.


Speak About Proposal

Many couples make the mistake of thinking talking about a proposal ahead of time ruins the surprise. But if you want it to be a happy memory you want to ensure it’s a plan your SO likes. Talk about things like do they want it private or public? Just you two or will the family be there? Do they want an engagement photographer to capture the moment? Once you know these details you can get down to planning the perfect surprise!


Discuss Dream Weddings

The proposal is only step one of planning a wedding. Before you ask someone to marry you, you two should discuss what they would look like. So many couples don’t talk about this beforehand and end up hitting roadblocks during the planning phase because of it. Talk about things like budget, size, location, dates, and more. You don’t have to have everything nailed down, you just want to make sure you and your partner are on the same page in terms of a wedding or can get on the same page before you get engaged.


Have the “Big Talks”

Marriage is merging two lives and families together. In order for a marriage to be successful, it’s important that you and your significant other are on the same page about major life decisions. That means before you pop the question you should have “big talks” about some key life things such as money, religion, family, kids, where you’ll live, etc.


Think About the Future

This one is a little more introspective. Before you get down on one knee, take a moment to picture your future together. Do they make you happy? Will they support you when things get hard? Can you see yourself raising a family with them or getting old together? If you can’t picture a happy future with them yet, you two might not be ready for marriage.


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