Meaning of Engagement Ring Gemstone

Diamonds might be the go-to stone for engagement rings thanks to some clever marketing, but couples these days are moving away from them. People are now looking beyond the long-standing tradition and embracing other types of gemstones. Other gemstones have been used in rings for centuries before diamonds became popular. Many people are surprised to learn that certain gemstones have meanings, especially when used in engagement rings.


Diamond Engagement Rings

Let’s start with diamonds as they’re the most popular engagement ring gemstone. Diamonds have been used in rings for centuries, but they didn’t become the go-to stone until the 1940s when De Beers, a diamond company, launched their now infamous “diamonds are forever” campaign.


Diamonds do have special meaning though- they’re said to represent strength, endurance, and purity.


Sapphire Engagement Rings

One of the most famous sapphire engagement rings was given to the late Princess Diana by Prince Charles. That same ring was later given to Duchess Kate by Prince William when they got engaged. Sapphires actually used to be one of the most popular engagement ring gemstones before diamonds became popular.


Sapphire rings are said to mean marital happiness and symbolize faithfulness, sincerity, and good fortune.


Aquamarine Engagement Rings

Aquamarine is a stunning light blue gemstone that is often associated with water and the sea, hence the name. This gemstone is sometimes even called the “Sailor’s Stone” since it’s thought to bring protection to those sailing at sea.


Aquamarine is actually considered a lucky engagement ring gemstone. It’s believed that they represent marital harmony and will ensure a long, happy marriage.


Emerald Engagement Rings

If green is more your color, consider an emerald engagement ring! Emerald rings were worn on the left ring finger as far back as the Sumerians, as they believed the gemstone had anti-inflammatory effects. Emeralds have appeared on royalty for years, and they’re becoming a popular engagement ring stone.


Emerald engagement rings are said to protect the wearer from danger and are even believed to increase intelligence and memory.


Opal Engagement Rings

Opals are a shimmering gemstone with a pearly luster that captures every color. Opals were believed to be the most powerful and precious gemstone by the Romans. Their popularity led them to be used in jewelry and even adorn weapons and armor.


Although some cultures consider them back luck, most think opals ward off evil. In fact, in Roman times men gave their wives opals for luck. This romantic connotation has been preserved into modern times. Opal engagement rings are also linked to love, passion, confidence, and creativity.


Ruby Engagement Rings

Rubies are some of the hardest gemstones, making them a great choice for jewelry you wear daily like engagement rings. For much of history, they were known as the “King of Gemstones”. They were a popular engagement ring gemstone in the 17th and 18th centuries.


If you love a vintage look, rubies are the way to go. Ruby engagement rings symbolize eternity and love.


Morganite Engagement Rings

Morganite is a rare, pale-pink gemstone. It was known as Pink Beryl until 1911 when it was renamed Morganite in honor of financier and gemologist JP Morgan. (Yes, that JP Morgan).  It’s a very rare stone, but hard which makes it great for engagement rings.


Morganite engagement rings are associated with unconditional love, joy, and deep compassion.


Topaz Engagement Rings

Topaz is a stunning gemstone that actually comes in a variety of colors like blue, yellow, and pink. This gem is associated with calmness, but each color of topaz is said to have its own unique meaning.


Blue topaz is the most popular color for engagement rings, probably due to its meaning. Blue topaz is said to symbolize love and good fortune, as well as promote positive communication, openness, and honesty.



No matter what gemstone you have in your engagement ring, we’re sure it will be a happy marriage. If you’re looking for someone to capture your wedding day, contact us! Our wedding photographers and videographers would be honored to capture the love and joy on your special day.

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