9 Wedding Dress Shots You’ll Want to Capture

The wedding dress is one of the most iconic and important elements of any wedding. No matter the culture, bridal attire is always exquisite. For most brides, finding the right wedding dress is an important rite of passage and is one of the most revered parts of any wedding. Brides can spend thousands of dollars on their wedding dresses. Even though you may only wear it once, you’ll definitely want to remember it for years to come. That’s where wedding photos come in!


Most wedding photographers will try to snap a few pictures of the wedding dress, but here are some amazing shots our wedding photographers recommend you ask for so that you can admire your stunning wedding dress for years to come.



The Hanger Shot

Before you slip on your wedding dress have your wedding photographer take some pictures of it on the hanger. The hanger shot is a great way to showcase its silhouette and structure in the raw form. It will really capture the beauty of the dress!



The Getting Ready Shot

Be sure to snap a few shots of the dress going on! Usually, you’ll put most of the dress on in private but have help with the final getting ready details like buttons, ribbon, or zippers. Our wedding photographers especially love these shots as they involve bridesmaids and family. There’s nothing quite like seeing the emotion in the bride’s mother’s face as she buttons up her daughter’s wedding dress.



The Back Shot

Don’t forget to turn around when photographing your wedding dress. While most photographs will be taken from the front, the back of wedding dresses often has a ton of beautiful detailing. From the training to the bodice, the back of the dress is exquisite to look at.



The Detail Shot

Most wedding dresses have some special detail about them. Maybe it’s a back of beautiful buttons, intricate lace along the bodice, or a long train. It could even be small details you customized yourself like your wedding date sewn into the dress or a scrap of your grandmother’s dress attached. Whatever details made you fall in love with the dress you’ll want to ask your photographer to capture.



The Veil Shot

If you’re wearing a veil on your wedding day, have your photographer take some fun, creative shots involving it. Maybe it’s just a classic wedding portrait with you in the dress and veil. Maybe it’s a unique shot with the veil slightly obscuring the dress. For many people, the veil is what takes the outfit from a beautiful dress to a bridal gown.



The Playful Shot

Weddings can be stressful, but they’re also supposed to be fun! You’re about to marry the person you love most, so capture some of that playful, fun energy. Take advantage of your dresses’ floaty fabrics and twirling skirts. Playful candids will highlight the unique angles of your dress and really capture the energy you felt wearing it.



The Train Shot

If your wedding dress has a train, snap a picture of it! Your wedding photographer will artfully arrange your train behind you to emphasize how stunning it looks. This simple shot really helps capture how grand wedding dresses are.



The Shoe Shot

The dress may be the star of the show, but accessories like the shoes really complete the look. Show them off by lifting your skips for a flirty shot or get some candid’s of you slipping them off. These are especially great if you opted for something more fun than the traditional white pump.



The Ring Shot

Two of the most important items to any bride’s outfit are the dress and the engagement ring. Have your wedding photographer capture some close-ups of the ring against the dress. It really brings the engagement full circle to the wedding.


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