7 Ways to Beat the Heat During a Summer Wedding Photo Shoot

Canada is known for it’s long, brutal winters, which makes the warm summer months precious. As great as it feels to finally be warm, no one wants to be overheated and sweating during their wedding pictures. If you’re planning on a summer wedding, or have your engagement photos scheduled during the summer, here are a few ways to stay cool during them!


Stay Hydrated

Wearing a puffy dress or tux with the sun beating down on you is an easy way to become dehydrated. Make sure you stay safe and healthy by drinking plenty of water during the shoot. Ask someone to bring along some cool drinks to keep you, your SO, and your wedding party cool. This is especially important for outdoor shoots. If you and your wedding photographer planned on shooting at a location that’s further away too, add some snacks to keep your energy levels up too!


Ice Packs

Ice packs are a great way to discreetly stay cool during the summer. They can be tucked inside a suit jacket, hidden away in a pocket, or even positioned on a bride’s legs under her dress. Most stay cool for a few hours, which gives your wedding photographer plenty of time to get some awesome shots!



You’ll become a fan of fans during a summer wedding. Fans, whether they’re electric portable ones or paper ones you fan yourself can be a life savior during hot summer photo shoots. Some couples even opt for decorative paper fans that can actually be used in shots, which is great. Trust us, you’ll love the small breeze a fan provides.



Umbrellas don’t just keep the rain off you- they can also protect you from sun rays. This is a great way to not only stay in the shade but also to prevent any sunburns. We recommend couples incorporate some sunscreen if they’re planning on a summer wedding shoot, but an umbrella provides an extra layer of sun protection. If you opt for a decorative parasol, it can even be used in the photos!


Towels & Deodorant

There are a lot of ways you can try to keep yourself cool during the summer, but it’s still a good idea to plan on sweating. Wear plenty of deodorant and bring along some towels to wipe away excess moisture. Handkerchiefs work well too and can make a great practical groomsmen gift.



We don’t throw shade, we just encourage you to stay in it! Our photographers might ask you to pose in the sun for some shots, but in between takes try to wait in a shady area. That was you stay cool and avoid getting burned!


Waterproof Makeup

This tip is for the brides. Ask your makeup artist for the wedding to use waterproof products. Not only will this help with any happy tears, but it will also keep your makeup from smudging due to any sweat. Again, we also recommend including some SPF products in your beauty routine for a summer wedding to avoid getting red!


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