6 Bridal Getting Ready Shots to Capture on Your Big Day

The journey to the altar on your wedding day is filled with beautiful, exciting moments, especially during the getting-ready phase. This time is not just about the final touches on your makeup or hairstyle but about capturing the excitement, anticipation, and joy leading up to the ceremony. But a lot goes into planning and getting ready for the big day, especially for the bride. Hours are spent on hair, make-up, and getting dressed before they even walk down the aisle.  At AGI Studio, our wedding photographers focus on these intimate details that tell the complete story of your day. Here are six must-have bridal getting-ready shots that we love to capture, ensuring every nuance of your preparation is remembered.



The hairstyle chosen by a bride is often a reflection of her personal style and the theme of the wedding. Whether it’s elegant curls, a sleek updo, or a bohemian braid adorned with flowers, capturing the creation of this hairstyle is essential. Our photographers take special care to document the intricacy and artistry of the bridal hair, capturing images from various angles that highlight the detail and effort involved.



The time spent during makeup application is often a reflective time for a bride, with our photographers capturing the emotional depth in the bride’s expressions. It’s often during these moments that the realization of the big day sets in, making for beautifully candid photographs. It’s also a time that can be a lot of fun, with the bride getting ready with some of her closest friends and experiencing a moment of glamour.




While seemingly minor, a bride’s manicure plays a crucial role in the aesthetics of close-up shots, especially those of the wedding rings and the couple’s hands joined together. Whether it’s a classic French manicure or something bold and glittering, these details add a polished finish to every photo. Wedding photographs take tons of close-ups of the ring and hands, so we always encourage brides to think about that!




Jewelry often carries deep personal or family significance and is chosen with care to complement the bridal look. Capturing the moment a bride puts on her jewelry is poignant, reflecting both the beauty of the pieces and their emotional resonance. These shots can include the fastening of a bracelet, the adjustment of an heirloom necklace, or the careful placement of earrings, each adding a layer of depth to your wedding story.




The wedding dress is arguably the centerpiece of the bride’s attire. Photographing the moment the bride steps into her gown and the final adjustments are made is incredibly impactful. These shots capture the excitement and significance of the dress, the reactions of those present, and the bride’s first look at herself fully dressed for the ceremony—a truly transformative moment.




Amid the nerves and busy schedule, the getting-ready phase is also a time for laughter and relaxation with close friends and family. Capturing these candid moments of fun—from sharing a joke to a toast with the bridal party—adds a joyful and light-hearted layer to the wedding narrative. These photos are often among the most cherished, showcasing the bride’s personality and her relationships.



These getting-ready photos are more than just standard shots – they’re a celebration of the small, intimate moments that make up your wedding day narrative. With AGI Studio, you can trust that we’ll capture every detail with sensitivity and flair, from the first brush stroke during hair & make-up, to the last button fastened as you put on your wedding dress.

Are you ready to ensure no moment goes uncaptured on your big day? Contact us today to discuss how we can document your wedding day preparations and more, capturing every laugh, tear, and cheers!

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