Best and Worst Times of Day to Take Wedding Photos

A great wedding photographer will be able to take wedding photos at any time or place, but that doesn’t mean that some times aren’t easier than others. Lighting plays a huge role in how well photos turn out. Wedding photos, in particular, rely on lighting to set the romantic tone. Photographers can work with what they have, but these are the best and worst times of day to pose for your wedding or engagement photos!


The Best Time

The best time to take any photo outside is during the “golden hour”, which the hour before the sun sets. The sun is low in the sky and casts a romantic golden glow. It’s the perfect lighting for wedding photos. There isn’t much time to work with, so wedding photographers make sure to schedule accordingly. Ideally, you’ll arrive at the location with some time to spare to find the best spots to shoot before the golden hour hits.


There is also a second “golden hour” in the hours immediately after the sun rises. The sun is softer during this time, but still just as good as before sunset. The early hour makes it less ideal for couples, as it means being ready by the time the sun is up. But if you’re an early riser this is an option as well!


The Worst Time

Any wedding photographer will tell you the worst to take photos is at high noon. While it’s not impossible, lighting at this time makes it very challenging. The sun is at it’s strongest at noon, meaning it’s too harsh and bright. Because of its position directly above it can also create unflattering shadows. When shooting photos at this time, your wedding photographer will likely try to find a shady spot where shadows aren’t as much of an issue.


The good news is that overcast days in the afternoon aren’t necessarily a bad thing for photos. The clouds will decrease the sun’s brightness, making for easier light to work with. Another reason high noon is a challenging time is that it’s the hottest time of the day. No couple wants to sweat while taking photos. Overcast weather means you won’t have the sun beating down on you.


Final Thoughts

Our wedding photographers can work with any light, so don’t feel you have to plan your wedding schedule around the golden hour. For engagement or pre-wedding photos though, our photographers will recommend trying to make the most of this perfect lighting.


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