Best and Worst Times of Day to Take Wedding Photos

A great wedding photographer will be able to take wedding photos at any time or place, but that doesn’t mean that some times aren’t easier than others.  Lighting is a fundamental element in photography that can dramatically affect the quality and ambiance of your wedding photos. While a skilled wedding photographer can capture beautiful images under various conditions, understanding the best and worst times for photography can help you plan your day for the most flattering and romantic shots.

The Best Times for Wedding Photos

Golden Hour:

The golden hour is famously known as the best time to capture outdoor photos. Occurring the hour after sunrise and the hour before sunset, the sun is low in the sky, providing a soft, warm light that enhances skin tones and creates a dreamy backdrop for any wedding photo. This light is universally flattering and helps to create a magical, ethereal feel in photographs.

To make the most of the golden hour, it’s wise to pre-plan with your photographer. Arriving at your photo location early allows time to scout the best spots and begin shooting as soon as the light is perfect.

Blue Hour:

Often overlooked, the blue hour—the twilight period just before sunrise and just after sunset—offers a cool, serene light that can add a unique mood to your photos. This time is ideal for dramatic, moody images with a romantic ambiance, especially effective for cityscape backgrounds with ambient lights.

The Worst Time

Midday Sun:

High noon is generally considered the worst time for photography. The sun is at its highest point, casting harsh shadows and strong, direct light that can lead to squinting and unflattering facial shadows. Photos taken at this time often require more effort to correct exposure and soften features.

However, an overcast midday can be a saving grace. Cloud cover diffuses the sunlight, smoothing out shadows and providing a naturally soft light that is ideal for photography.

Tips for Managing Midday Photography:

If your wedding schedule places you in front of the camera at noon, your photographer will likely look for shaded areas to mitigate harsh shadows. Locations with natural shade, like large trees or architectural elements, can provide a more balanced lighting environment.

Final Thoughts

Our Toronto wedding photographers are skilled at capturing stunning photos at any time of the day. For engagement or pre-wedding shoots, we highly recommend scheduling sessions during these optimal lighting times to fully capture the romance and beauty of your relationship.

Don’t worry too much about the photography schedule—our team is adept at making the most of the lighting conditions to ensure your wedding photos are nothing short of spectacular!

Looking for a photographer who can beautifully capture every moment of your wedding day, no matter the lighting conditions?

Contact us today to discuss how we can document your special moments perfectly.

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