Most Popular Wedding Cake Flavours in Canada

The wedding cake is a classic part of a reception, and the cake cutting is one of the iconic moments. Picking the right wedding cake flavor isn’t easy though. Many couples getting married struggle to pick between so many flavors and try to find one that everyone will enjoy. If you need some help deciding, our wedding photographers have compiled the most common wedding cake flavors in Canada for some inspiration!



Vanilla is on top for a reason! While some might view it as boring and basic, vanilla is a popular go-to option.  It’s simple, goes with almost every icing/filling flavor, and is enjoyed by almost everyone! It’s a wonderful classic option for any wedding.



A richer alternative, chocolate is also a hugely popular wedding cake flavor. This indulgent cake flavor can be paired wonderfully with buttercream, caramel, maple, or raspberry icing/filling. There are lots of variations of chocolate cakes as well such as German chocolate or dark chocolate.



Funfetti might seem like a more appropriate choice for a birthday over a wedding, but bakes can attest that this is the fasted growing request they get. Maybe it’s the Millennial generation’s nostalgia for all things rainbow, or maybe people just love this fun twist on vanilla. Either way, you can expect to see a lot more funfetti cakes at weddings in the future.


Red Velvet

Red velvet is a more romantic option than chocolate. Did you know red velvet is actually a version of chocolate sponge cake died red? Paired with tasty cream cheese frosting though, this flavor is delicious in its own right. It is a good compromise if you want something richer, but also classy.


Spice Cake/Carrot Cake

If you’re looking to get married in the Fall or Winter months, consider a cake flavor with some warmer flavors! Our wedding photographers often see spiced cakes or carrot cakes around the holiday times. These rich, warm flavors make guests feel cozy with each bite.



Want something sweet, but lighter for your wedding cake? You can’t go wrong with lemon! Zesty and tangy, lemon is a great cake flavor option for Spring or Summer weddings. You can pair it with vanilla, more lemon, raspberry, or blueberry icing and fillings for a yummy combo.



Looking for a wedding cake flavor that’s still popular but not as common? Ask about almond cakes! Almond cake has such a sweet, versatile flavor that your guests will love. You can go a sweet route and pair it with caramel or chocolate frosting/filling, or go the lighter route and pair it with lemon or blueberry. Just make sure you check on nut allergies for guests.


Whatever cake flavor you choose to dig into on your wedding day, AGI Studio would love to be there and capture it! Contact us today if you’re looking for an experienced, talented wedding photographer. Our team would love to capture your special day.

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