Is Having a Wedding Planner Necessary?

Weddings can be one of the most spectacular events in one’s life – celebrating the marriage between you and your partner with all your friends and family to surround you with love and support. However, planning the actual event can be the most challenging part of the wedding process. Dreaming of your perfect wedding is one thing, but bringing it to life can be exhilarating and difficult at the same time. How do you solve this issue? Wedding planners have the significant task of assisting couples to create their dream wedding.

With how costly weddings already go for, how necessary is it to hire a wedding planner?

Stress Relievers & Time Savers

The logistics behind planning a wedding can be quite stressful for one person to handle, especially when said person’s expertise is not based in event planning. Finding the right sized venue, figuring out catering, hiring creative staff such as DJs and photographers/videographers, are just a few tasks that must be fulfilled for a successful reception. Finding these specifics can be time consuming and overwhelming especially if the couple’s lives are already consumed by work commitments and other wedding duties. The pro of a wedding planner is having it be their job to figure out those logistics and create the correct set-up so the couple can happily enjoy their special day while the professionals are supervising the event.

Guidance & Expertise

Another advantage of hiring a wedding planner is having the knowledge and expertise on your team in order to curate the best wedding possible. Since they’ve been in the game enough to know the ins and outs of weddings, a planner can offer great advice when it comes to venues, vendors, and how to budget your wedding in the most efficient way. With their extensive line-up of connections and contacts, wedding planners can possibly secure a better deal with companies to align with the couple’s budget. A planner can also offer guidance to a couple when they’re lost and overwhelmed on where to start when it comes to planning their special day. Creating a schedule and organizing meetings between planners and couples may alleviate the confusion and allow couples to feel more confident in their decision making.

Is it in the Budget?

While planners can be the saving grace when planning an extravagant wedding, couples must keep in mind their budget costs and how restrictive they must become in order to achieve the wedding they hoped for. It is no secret that wedding events can cost a pretty penny very quickly, especially if you plan on having an extensive guest list. On average, a full-service wedding planner can set you back about $5000 and upwards to $10000 – there are also day-of planners which would cost about $2000 to $3500. For tight budget couples, this may not even be an option for them since it may eat up a large portion of their planned savings for the event.

When deciding if a planner should be hired for a wedding, couples must consider the value they will offer them in order to make that big decision – is saving time and energy more important than saving money? This large portion of money can be used in other departments such as hiring a highly-skilled photographer and videographer to document the special day or towards an extra special dessert table you may have been eyeing.


Planning your dream wedding can be a dream in itself – planning cute photoshoots in a beautiful setting, putting together party favours for your guests to take home, even wedding dress shopping can be a bonding moment with your closest circle. All the fun stuff aside, planning a giant event such as a wedding can be challenging and overwhelming if all your energy is not put into it. Wedding planners can be a great addition to your team if you understand the value they may offer to you on your special day – whether that be to save you time and energy, or if they may cause a big dent in your tight budget.

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