12 Wedding Reception Shots to Capture

An incredible amount of work goes into planning a wedding, so it’s only natural that you want all of those details and key moments captured by your wedding photographer. From big moments like the first dance and cake cutting to smaller details like the place settings and floral arrangement, a good wedding photographer will make sure to shoot it all, but some may ask you to create a shot list to make sure they capture everything you want. Here are some key shots to ask your photographer to capture at your wedding reception.



Venue Décor

You probably worked hard to find a venue that fits within your wedding theme, so make sure your photographer captures the whole place! A few wide shots capturing the general décor and aesthetic of your wedding reception will help you remember it for years to come. Let your photographer have access to the reception room before guests come in so they can shoot it in all its glory.



Table Settings

When taking venue shots, ask your photographer to capture the table setting as well, specifically. This includes place cards, plates, centerpieces, etc. Essentially, you want a photo of what the guests will see when they first approach the table. These little details are usually the ones you put a lot of thought into, but you may not remember them as the years go by. Having a photo will help you remember all the little details for years to come.



Seating Chart

Did you do a cool seating chart? Have the photographer snap a picture! Seating charts are getting more creative these days, and if you invested time and money into creating a cool one, you’ll definitely want photos of it.


Grand Entrance

Whether you’re planning on just walking in with music or have an elaborate dance planned, you’ll want to capture your grand entrance! This key moment marks your first introduction as a newlywed couple and the transition from the formal vows to the fun party.



First Dance

The first dance is one of the most memorable parts of any wedding reception. Some couples opt for a quick spin around the dance floor, while others have choreographed dances. No matter what you do, you’ll want a photo of you and your new spouse breaking it down on the dance floor.



Toasts and Speeches

Toasts and speeches are an opportunity for your friends and family to share how much they love you. While photos can’t capture the words (save that for your wedding videographer!), they can capture the reaction and emotions these toasts bring. From laughter to tears of joy, speech reaction photos are some of our favorites.



Cake Cutting

The cake cutting is an iconic moment of the wedding, and it tends to mark the shift from the eating portion of the reception to the mingling portion. Wedding cakes cost a pretty penny, so ask your photographer to get some photos of the cake both before the cake cutting and during.



Parent Dance

Celebrating your parents on your wedding day is a great way to honor all the love and support they’ve shown you throughout your life. That’s why many couples include a father-daughter and/or a mother-son dance. These are often beautiful, emotional moments that you’ll want to remember for years, so ask your photographer to capture them!



Dance Floor Fun

Once all the formal planned dances are done, your guests are going to want to hit the dance floor! If you’ve hired a good band or DJ, the dance floor should be packed with guests. These are often our wedding photographers’ favorite moments to capture because it’s all about fun and celebration.



Wedding Games

If you include any wedding games during the reception, such as lawn games or the wedding shoe game, have your photographer snap a few pictures of it! These games are fun, lighthearted moments during the reception and are a great source of entertainment.



Special Features

If you’ve planned for any extra special features for your reception, such as live performers or fireworks, give your photographer a heads up. For something like fireworks, your photographer has a short window to capture these photos, so letting them know ahead of time will allow them to be in a good position and have the right lighting to shoot.



Grand Exit

The last hurrah for any wedding reception is the grand exit. Most couples plan something special for their send-off, such as sparklers or bubbles. Our wedding photographers love capturing this last moment of joy before you set off to enjoy your new life as a newlywed!


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