5 Reasons Wedding Videography is Worth It

When planning a wedding, one thing you’ll have to consider is what vendors you need and which ones you can go without to stay within a budget. Many people think a wedding videographer is an unnecessary element, especially if you’re already planning on a wedding photographer. The truth is that they might capture the same moments, but a wedding video and wedding photos will give you two different experiences. Here are a few reasons why we think wedding videography is absolutely worth it.


It Tells a Story

Everyone’s wedding video is different, but they all tell a story. Your wedding videographer can include as much of your love story in your wedding video as you want. How you met, the proposal, the getting ready…your wedding video will be a love story you can replay for years to come.


It Includes the Vows

The biggest bonus of videos is that they include audio. This is especially great for key moments like the vows. Sure, you might write them down, but don’t you want to hear the love in your partner’s voice as they declare their vows to you or see their face light up as you read them yours?


It Captures More

Wedding photographers have the tough job of capturing all the key moments, but there are a lot of ones that photos just can’t get. Your wedding videographer can get everyone laughing and dancing, and even include special speeches from those that give them. Photos are great for the big moments, but the videographer will get all the little moments as well.


Music Brings Emotions

There’s a reason all movies and TV shows include music. Music is a great way to convey and draw out emotion. Years from now, you may not remember how you felt during your dance, but your wedding video can remind you so that you can experience it all over again.


Share with Those Not There

Not everyone will be able to make it to your big day. Maybe family from out of town couldn’t make it, or you couldn’t invite everyone due to venue constraints. Sharing your wedding video with them will make them feel as if they were there. It’s also fun to show any future kids!


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