Wedding Tradition Breakdown: Bridal Bouquet

The bridal bouquet is a key part of a bride’s look. To many brides, the flower bouquet is just as important as the dress and veil. You may be surprised to learn that the tradition of a bride carrying a bouquet on her wedding day actually dates way back to ancient Roman times. But how exactly did this tradition start, and what does it symbolize? Our wedding photographers break it down for you!



Back in ancient Greece and Rome, brides wore and carried floral garlands as a sign of fertility, fidelity, and new beginnings. Starting in the Middle Ages, bouquets took a less optimistic twist, and instead of flowers, brides carried aromatic bouquets of herbs, like garlic and dill. These herbs and spices were thought to ward off evil spirits.


The bridal bouquet as we know it wasn’t born until the 19th century when Queen Victoria held a small bouquet of snowdrops, which were Prince Albert’s favorite flowers. Just like wearing a white wedding dress, Queen Victoria accidentally sparked a long-lasting tradition with bridal bouquets from that day on.




Bridal bouquets have had a ton of significance throughout time. Some cultures thought they warded off evil spirits. Others thought they carried symbolism, with certain flowers taking on different meanings. The bouquet also plays a crucial role in the bridal toss, which was designed to distract guests and keep them from tearing off good-luck scraps from the bride’s dress.




Today, bridal bouquets are a staple in weddings. Even when couples look to cut floral costs, they still budget for a bridal bouquet. Not only is it a fun accessory for wedding photos, but it’s also a great way to infuse your ceremony with meaning and color. Maybe your beloved deceased grandfather loved lavender, so you integrate it into your bouquet. Or maybe tulips played a key role in your relationship with your significant other, you can use them. Either way, wedding bouquets aren’t going anywhere anytime soon.



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