4 Wedding Trends People are Tired of Seeing

Just like clothing, weddings have cycles of trends that come and go. Remember a few years ago when you couldn’t go to a wedding without seeing a naked wedding cake? While some of these trends are fine, there are some that our wedding photographers have noticed people are getting tired of. Here are some wedding trends that people are tired of seeing these days.


Elaborate Bachelor/Bachelorette Trips

Agreeing to be a part of a wedding party has always been a big commitment. Bridesmaids and groomsmen have to dedicate time and money to help you celebrate your big day, but these days those expectations have gotten out of control. Now brides and grooms are requesting epic, week-long luxury vacations that have their wedding party breaking the bank. A lot of people are now turning down supporting their close friends and family just because they know they can’t afford to do these.


Excessive Choreographed Dances

Remember in the 2000s when it was trendy for couples to lip-synch down the aisle? These days the current trend is to enter the reception with elaborate, choreographed dances. Sometimes these include the wedding party. Some weddings even do multiple dances. Certain cultures will have more of this than others. Either way, guests are growing tired of it. As fun as it is to watch one dance or two, guests want to interact with the event, not simply be an audience. Make sure you give guests time to get up and hit the dance floor themselves.


Too Many Speeches

There’s a fine line when it comes to speeches at a wedding. While the family and newlyweds probably love hearing them, most guests grow bored with excess speeches. There’s nothing more draining as a guest than hearing the groom’s great-aunt tell another childhood story that you have no context for. Try keeping speeches to a few key people like the maid of honor, best man, and parents (ideally not all of them!). Leave the other speeches for the rehearsal dinner.


Wedding Gift Spend Minimums

It’s hard to believe that some people would be this crass, but it’s actually a rising trend at weddings. Some couples getting married now put minimum spend limits on wedding gifts, demanding guests spend at leave $200 or more. Others only fill their registry with high-end, expensive items. The reality is that guests are already shelling out a lot of money to celebrate this big day for you. Don’t require them to give you a gift of any amount, just accept what they’re able to give, even if it’s only their time. If you’re inviting people for the money or gifts, maybe reconsider.


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