7 Outdated Wedding Traditions People are Abandoning

Weddings are heavily steeped in traditions that have withstood the test of time. Some of these traditions date back to ancient times. But the modern meaning behind these has shifted with time, and many of them have lost their appeal over the years. Our wedding photographers have noticed that some once-popular traditions have disappeared over the past few years. Here are some outdated wedding traditions people are abandoning!


Garter Toss

The garter toss used to be a staple at weddings. The crowd would cheer as the groom went up the bride’s dress to retrieve the garter before tossing it into the crowd. This tradition stems from Medieval England, where guests would rip pieces of the bride’s dress as it was believed to bring good luck. Eventually, this ritual transformed into the garter toss. These days, the whole garter toss practice just gives people the ick. Many people finally embraced just how cringey and embarrassing the tradition is and have opted to bypass it. After all, who really wants their spouse to go up their dress in front of their grandparents and colleagues?


Smashing Cake

There’s something sweet about watching the newlyweds feed each other pieces of their wedding cake. What’s not cute is watching a groom aggressively smash that cake into their bride’s perfectly made-up face. While smashing cake can make silly and memorable photos, it’s only sweet if both parties agree on it ahead of time. Many brides have realized that the few candid snaps are not worth the time and effort they have to fix their make-up, hair, and gown afterward.


Not Seeing Each Other Before Ceremony

Back in the time of transactional, arranged marriages, the bride and groom wouldn’t see each other before the ceremony to prevent the groom from backing out if he didn’t like the way she looked. It wasn’t uncommon for the bride and groom to not even meet before they stood in front of the priest! Today, couples spend years living together before tying the knot, making this whole tradition silly. Some couples keep it just for the excitement of the reveal and the stunning first-look photographs. But if having spending time with your spouse before the ceremony makes you happy and keeps you calm, feel free to skip this dated tradition of hiding.


Bride’s Family Financing

Traditional wedding etiquette states that the bride’s family should handle the bulk of wedding costs. This includes the dress, venue, vendors, wedding photographer, florals, and more. This can be a lot of financial pressure on one side of the family. These days, the cost is often split based on the economic situation, or the couple getting married pays for it themselves.


One-Gender Wedding Parties

Bridesmaids and groomsmen have been a part of weddings since olden times. Over the decades, their roles have changed, but their position in weddings has remained. However, these days people are changing what wedding parties look like! Nowadays, couples are embracing mixed-gendered bridal parties instead of just having female bridesmaids and male groomsmen. Having a groomswoman or bridesman isn’t uncommon!


Taking Groom’s Last Name

Gone are the days when it’s assumed a bride will take her new husband’s last name. This tradition is rooted in patriarchy, and modern women are pushing back on it. Why should they give up their name? Instead, people are embracing keeping their respective names, hyphenating, or even coming up with an entirely new last name for both of them!


Blowing the Bank

Weddings are expensive. There’s no getting around that. Costs continue to rise, and while people are willing to splurge on essential items like a wedding gown or photographer, many couples just aren’t willing to break the bank for others to enjoy a good party. Couples getting married today are embracing micro-weddings, eloping, and DIY weddings. Couples are no longer expected to go into debt just to celebrate a new life together.


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