Should You Hire a Photographer for the Rehearsal Dinner?

We typically think of weddings as a single-day event, when in fact they’re usually a series of events leading up to the major one. One key event that happens before the vows is the rehearsal dinner. Rehearsals happen the day or two before the wedding day and allow the bridal party to run through the ceremony to work out any kinks. After that, the two families and their wedding party typically meet up for a big dinner.


The rehearsal dinner is over buried beneath other events like the bachelorette party or reception, but it’s a big moment as well. Often the rehearsal dinner is often when the two sides of the family really get to know one another and when the bride and groom first greet out-of-town guests. It’s an event full of laughter and hugs, and many couples express regret that they only have memories to mark it.


That’s why you should absolutely consider having a photographer there to capture the wedding rehearsal dinner!


Here are a few key reasons why you should hire a wedding photographer for your rehearsal:


Extra Family Photos

Wedding photographers typically carve out time to capture some family photos during the wedding. However, given the tight timeline on the big day, the photographer can usually only accommodate close family members. The rehearsal dinner is a great time to get extra family photos, especially if you have family members that have traveled to come. You’ll be able to get a few shots with your old great-aunt or your long-time college friends.


Candid and Relaxed Style

A smooth wedding day is one that is heavily scheduled. There are so many moving parts, that a detailed timeline is needed. Unfortunately, this can cause the bride and groom to appear stressed and rigid in photos, especially if you’re running late. The rehearsal dinner is usually more relaxed and fun and gives your wedding photographer a great opportunity to capture some more candid, fun photos.


Capture Memories

The day before your wedding is so full of excitement and nerves, in all honesty, you probably won’t remember most of it. Having photos to capture these memories is a great way to ensure you’ll remember all the little moments. If you’re doing speeches at the rehearsal dinner or inviting others to speak that can’t on the main day, you might also consider a videographer to capture it all!


Are you looking for a photographer and videographer to capture your wedding, rehearsal dinner included? Contact AGI Studio today! Our team of wedding photographers would be honored to shoot your special day.

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