What are Chinese Wedding Door Games?

Every culture has its own special wedding traditions and rituals. Some of them are serious and sacred, others are fun and lighthearted. In Chinese culture, one fun element that people do is door games. Our wedding photographers love the hilarious candids we capture from door games, so here is everything you need to know about them!


What are Door Games?

Door games are challenges set up by the bridesmaids for the groom, and often his groomsmen, to demonstrate his love for the bride. These games typically take place the morning of the wedding at the bride’s home before he’s allowed to receive the bride. Door games are popular in Chinese communities, both in China and Hong Kong, but also now in Canada and the U.S. where there are large populations of Chinese-Canadians/Americans.



Where did Door Games come from?

Chinese wedding door games can actually be traced back to ancient China, where they believed the bride was a prized daughter that the family was reluctant to let go of, especially by someone unworthy. The bride’s family would block access to the groom’s path using various objects, just as pots and buckets, to test him. The groom would also use Red Lucky Envelopes as one way to “buy” his way into the bride’s home. The games were meant to test a variety of things such as knowledge, strength, and creativity.



What are Door Games like today?

Today, door games are a little different. While they’re still meant to symbolically test the groom’s commitment to getting his bride, they’re much more silly and light-hearted these days. Door games often include things like funny dances, eating gross foods or drinks, or little tasks like push-ups or balancing rice. They can also include declarations of love such as songs, poems, or choreographed dances.



Should you include Door Games?

If you’re Chinese and wondering whether you should make time for door games, our wedding photographers vote yes! Weddings can be stressful and serious affairs, so starting the day off with some laughter is always nice. Door games often result in amazing photos that the bride and groom can laugh about for years, plus it’s a great bonding experience for the bridal party.



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