Most Important Cell Phone Etiquette Rules for Weddings

Cell phones have become an integral part of daily life. Most people can’t even imagine leaving a room, let alone the house, without theirs. Having cell phones at weddings has some advantages, such as guests taking cute photos a photographer might miss, but it can also be a major disadvantage with ringers going off in the middle of the ceremony or guests blocking your wedding photographer. Here are some important cell phone etiquette rules to remember for weddings!


Respect Wedding Rules

In order to combat cell phone disruptions, a lot of couples getting married are planning “unplugged weddings.” These are exactly as they sound- guests are asked to keep their phones silent and away from the ceremony and reception. Other brides and grooms simply place signs asking guests not to take pictures during the ceremony or to turn them on silent. While some guests may grumble, it’s just basic respect to follow any rules around cell phones the bride and groom have established.


Keep it on Silent

Whether or not the couple getting married has asked it, it’s super important to remember to turn your phone on silent before the wedding ceremony. Do a quick check as you sit down before the ceremony starts, just like you would at the movies. You don’t want to be that person whose phone goes off as the couple is reading their vows.


Don’t Get in the Photographer’s Way

Our wedding photographers have become experts at dodging cell phones when taking photos, but it isn’t always easy. Nothing is more frustrating than someone’s great aunt ruining the perfect shot because they think their cell phone picture is more important. Remember, the bride and groom are paying a good amount of money for their wedding photographers and videographers, so let them have priority when it comes to capturing moments.


Turn Flash Off

If you are taking pictures during the ceremony and reception, not only should you keep out of the way, but also remember to turn your flash off. Not only will a million flashing lights be distracting for the couple getting married, but it also impacts the lighting for the wedding photographer. So, if you have to take photos, do it without blinding everyone!


Let the Couple Post First

Another big reason couples opt for an unplugged wedding is that they want to be the first ones to share it on social media. Couples spend a lot of time and money on their big day, and it can suck that the first photos people see online are blurry and low-quality cell phone ones. A good rule is to let the bride or groom post first before sharing your own shots.


 Stay Off the Screen

A lot of planning goes into a wedding, so it can come across as rude if you’re glued to your phone screen all night. Scrolling through social while means are being served or snapping some pictures during the first dance is fine, but ignoring everyone while you answer work emails or play games isn’t. Remember to be in the moment and remember why you’re there- celebrate the love of two people!


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