Pros and Cons of a Courthouse Wedding

Are you and your significant other looking to get married but aren’t sure about doing a big party? Micro weddings and elopements are more popular than ever, thanks to the pandemic and changing views, meaning courthouse weddings are extremely acceptable and desirable these days. Our wedding photographers have the low down on the advantages and disadvantages of getting hitched at the courthouse.



Pro: Save Money

By far, the biggest bonus of saying “I do” at the courthouse is all the money you save. Courthouses usually charge a small fee, but a couple hundred is nothing compared to the thousands a traditional ceremony costs. You can then spend those savings on an epic honeymoon or a huge reception later!


Con: Limited Guests

Courthouses tend to be smaller, so you probably won’t be able to invite everyone you would have for a traditional wedding. A lot of courthouses still have COVID limits in places, so you might be limited to just a handful of people.


Pro: Fabulous Photos

Just because you’re doing a quick ceremony at the courthouse doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate! We strongly encourage you to still rock a beautiful dress or suit and hire a photographer. The great thing about a courthouse wedding is you’ll get all the classic shots like a first kiss but have extra time to take portraits afterward. You can even explore nearby locations for epic shots since you won’t be bound to a strict wedding timeline or one location.


Con: Non-Traditional

While small courthouse weddings are extremely common these days, they’re still not what many would call traditional. There are still things you can do to make it feel like a classic wedding, like getting dolled up, hiring a photographer, and doing a reception after, the actual ceremony won’t feel like all the ones you’ve seen on TV.


Pro: Intimate & Private

If being the center of attention, surrounded by hundreds of people, doesn’t sound appealing to you, a small, intimate ceremony at the courthouse will be perfect. It will just be you, your significant other, and a handful of close family and friends. This will make the ceremony so intimate and romantic.


Are you looking for a photographer or videographer to capture your courthouse wedding? Contact AGI Studio today! Our team of talented wedding photographers would be honored to accompany you to the courthouse and capture your special day.




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