6 Reasons to Hire a Toronto Wedding Videographer

Wondering whether you need a wedding videographer in addition to a photographer? On the surface, both a photographer and videographer capture your wedding. But they capture different elements of the big day. Both will capture something special that you won’t want to miss out on when you look back. Here are just a few reasons we think every couple should hire a videographer for their Toronto wedding!


It’s a life-like memory

A photograph captures a single moment in the day. These little snapshots are wonderful, but a wedding video will capture the whole day. Our wedding videographers will capture entire scenes as well as the feeling of the event. Your wedding day will go by in a flash, but with a beautifully shot wedding video, you can relieve the day anytime you want.


It will show you things you missed

As the couple getting married, there is a lot you miss out on during the big day. A wedding video will capture how your guests react to certain moments, such as the first look of the dress or the cake cutting. If you choose to share it with your guests, they also get to see key moments that they missed out on such as the couple getting ready!


You can share the day with people that couldn’t be there

Whether you had family that couldn’t make the big day or just couldn’t invite everyone you wanted to, a wedding video allows you to share your beautiful wedding with everyone that couldn’t be there. A wedding video is a beautiful way to share your love story with all the special people in your life!


You can share it with future family members

One thing we hear from past clients is that they’re so happy they have a wedding video to share with their children that weren’t yet born. Having a recorded memory of such a special day will be fun to watch with them once they get older. It can become a keepsake for them to treasure for years!


It can be re-lived

Who doesn’t want to relive the magic of one of their happiest days? With a wedding video, you can relieve one of the biggest days of your life over as many times as you want! Some of our clients say watching their wedding video has become an anniversary tradition!


It will capture emotions

Emotion is a hard thing to always capture in a photograph, but our wedding videographers are experts at capture the real-time emotions. From the happiness of a groom seeing his bride for the first time to the bittersweet goodbye of a father-daughter dance, a wedding video will capture the rollercoaster of emotion that happens on a wedding day.


Take a look at some of our previous wedding videos. If you have any questions or want to book one of our wonderful wedding videographers, feel free to contact us!

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