Most Popular Months to Get Engaged In

There is a lot of planning that goes into deciding a wedding date, but did you know that many couples put just as much thought into their engagement date as well? Some wait for key dates such as anniversaries or holidays, while some decide to pop the question during a certain time of year to make wedding planning easier. If you’re not sure when is the best time to ask your significant other to marry you, here are the most popular months to get engaged!


#1 December

December is undeniably the most favored month to get engaged, capturing the hearts of 19% of couples. The cozy weather, holiday spirit, and time off for travel or family gatherings create an enchanting atmosphere for popping the question. However, bear in mind that sharing the limelight with a major holiday may require some consideration.


#2 July

Taking the second spot with 9%, July provides warm weather, making it an attractive choice for outdoor proposals. With summertime in full swing, many couples embrace the idea of getting engaged while on vacation, adding an adventurous touch to their proposal story.


#3 May, June, February, March

Tying for third place, each at 8%, these months mark the beginning of spring and summer. May and June offer a plethora of long weekends and holidays, making them appealing for milestone moments. February, with its romantic connotation due to Valentine’s Day, is a favored time for heartfelt proposals. Meanwhile, March boasts the excitement of transitioning from winter to spring, which seems to inspire couples to embark on a new chapter together.


#4 April, August, November, January

Occupying the fourth tier, each with 7% of engagements, these months tend to be busier for various reasons. April and August are filled with preparations for holidays and back-to-school activities, potentially leading to fewer proposals during these times. November and January also witness lower engagement rates, perhaps due to the focus on holiday festivities and New Year’s resolutions.


#5 September and October

Coming in last with only 6% each are the months of September and October. While Fall might seem like the perfect season to pop the question, these are also the most popular months to get married during. While it’s possible to plan a wedding in 12 months, that can be a tight timeline for many people, especially if you want to enjoy your engagement before diving into planning.


No matter what month you’re looking to get engaged during, make sure to have a professional engagement photographer there to capture the special moment!

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