Our Favorite Wedding Videography Trends


Just like any industry, wedding photography and videography goes through trends. Some of these become classics while others fade in popularity by the next wedding season. Just because something is a trend doesn’t mean it isn’t good though! Our wedding videographers have seen a lot of video trends come and go, but here are some of their current favorites for wedding videos!


Drone Videos

Ground videography can capture a lot, but an overhead shot capturing the entire event is something special. Drone videography requires certain skill, but here at AGI Studio, we love any opportunity to do it. We promise we don’t send one crashing down into your guests! We also promise you’ll end up with some stunning aerial shots of your big day!


Wedding Trailers

Trailers are designed to advertise and hype up movies or shows before they’re released. Wedding trailers are a little different in that they’re created after the big day. But they can still be used to excite guests and leave them wanting more. It’s also a fun and creative way to show the best parts of the wedding.


Smoke Bombs

Smoking isn’t cool…unless it’s colorful and used for a great shot! Smoke bombs have been around for a while. They were popular a few years ago for maternity and gender reveal photo shoots before making their way into wedding videography. Our videographers love the feeling they give a video. They make for great wedding photos too!


Love Story Videos

Love story videos are a different type of wedding video, but we love them. Don’t we all wish we could capture the key parts of our relationship and show them off? A love story video does just that- it shows the relationship from start to end. It’s a great way to take your wedding guests through your time together so that they can really appreciate the wedding.


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