Planning Your Destination Wedding

All of us want our wedding day to be a happening affair. Whether it is the destination, the photographer, the food, the wedding decoration or anything else; every couple wants their wedding prep to be top notch and nothing less than the best. At the same time, when it comes to wedding trends, a destination wedding is one such trend that has managed to retain its appeal for very many years. So if you are planning to go by this trend and make your wedding an amazing affair- here are a couple of tips that’ll surely help you. In the following section, we will give you a detailed insight on destination weddingS and some useful advice on choosing the right destination wedding photographer in Toronto.

Why should you go for a destination wedding?

Stress-free wedding- Well, one of the primary reasons why you should opt for a destination wedding is simply because these weddings are stress-free. They are way simpler and faster than the traditional weddings. On top of that, owing to the popularity of these weddings you will find that several honeymoon-happy resorts and cruise lines offer amazing deals for destination weddings. Many such full-time wedding coordinators and wedding planning agencies are thoroughly familiar with the concerned country’s requirements for a marriage license. These agencies also offer you wedding packages that include all your essentials in the ceremony (like cake, food, photographers, decoration and so on). As you step off your plane and get the papers signed, these experts make it a point to handle the rest of the things.

Also, if you are planning to get married at a club or a resort, you can always hire a wedding planner who specializes in these destination weddings. Contacting a relevant photographer for the job is also relatively easy. All you need to do is choose a good wedding planning expert and a professional photographer. Once you do this, all the hassles of pulling up a suave wedding and reception party are handled flawlessly.

An amazingly unique experience- Destination weddings open doors and give you and your partner an opportunity to choose a style reflects a part of you. Whether you want a traditional event or a stylish affair- a destination wedding opens the way for both. It is unlike any other conventional wedding, and it truly renders a unique experience. The tastes and styles of you and your spouse are reflected through this wedding.

Wedding minus the family drama– Your wedding is your special day, and you can’t afford to let anything or anyone cause drama. When you opt for a destination wedding, you end up facilitating this process because here, there is absolutely no family drama to steal your thunder. Most people will agree that during weddings, the initial strategies and negotiations between families overpower a large chunk of the main ceremony. Each set of parents will have their own set of ideas. While one set will want the wedding to be in their hometown, the other will never subscribe to this view. In such conditions, it becomes extremely difficult to dissuade them under the backdrop of a conventional wedding. Amidst this fiasco, you no longer get the chance to connect and truly communicate with your partner. You get stuck up in their problems and finally end up with a lot of hassle on your wedding day. This is exactly where destination wedding comes in. On choosing a specific destination for your wedding and letting the wedding planner handle the event, you actually get a chance to avoid all negative stuff on your special day. Likewise, you also get a better chance to connect with your partner.

Saves costs– One of the main reasons why most people choose destination weddings is simply because of the affordability. For instance, when you happen to choose a destination wedding the concerned couple can take a flight to a cool, all-inclusive resort in a great location, get married, and spend a romantic honeymoon week for a couple of thousand dollars. This includes the meals, their lodging costs, the drinks and the entire airfare. Now, try comparing this amazing deal with an average and conventional wedding with 150 guests. While a regular wedding would cost somewhere around $30,000, the same one in a big city can skyrocket to about $100,000.

Stunning shots– This is one of the biggest plus points of destination weddings. When you happen to arrange your wedding to an exotic destination, you also get an opportunity to get some of the most stunning shots that you could ever think of. Unlike conventional weddings, here, you actually get a chance to experiment with the shots and poses. When you choose a good destination wedding photographer for the job- your work is a tad more simplified. Imagine your photo album that will look like it’s straight out from the computer screen or a magazine. If you are really looking forward to cherishing the moments of your special day- nothing can work better than a destination wedding.

An opportunity that’s once in a lifetime: In most of the conventional weddings, we are usually short of time. How much time does one manage to save after meeting and greeting several hundreds of guests? But contrary to this, destination weddings are more of a vacation. Here, all you need to do is arrive a couple of days early to get the paperwork completed. In this way, by the time your wedding actually rolls out, you have already managed to get two to three days of absolute fun with your friends and loved ones. How often do you really get the chance to spend some quality time with the people who matter to you or with your long distance friends? Well, this is your opportunity, and in a destination wedding, you need to make the best out of this occasion.

Although these weddings initially look slightly different from our conventional fare- they are actually better than that. These weddings give you a chance to truly connect with your loved ones and enjoy your special day like you always wanted to.

Choosing the right photographer for your destination wedding:When it comes to weddings, there’s a lot of things that are happening and that too at a really fast pace. In such situations, taking the time to choose and interview a photographer might seem pretty challenging. But no matter however difficult it seems, do not overlook this aspect because it is your photographer who can make and break your moments. If you are really looking forward to cherishing the special moments of your day- make it a point to choose the right destination wedding photographer who will take care of your requirements and come up with some of the most visually enticing shots ever. In case you’re wondering how exactly to choose the right photographer for your wedding- here are a couple of tips that will help you.

Ensure that your photographer is familiar with the location– This is one of the primary things that you need to take care of. You and your spouse might be planning an amazing wedding on an exotic destination. Although you haven’t had the chance to go there, yet you still have a couple of things in mind about the ambiance, scenery and the cuisine. Now, to make your experience better, you will need a photographer who is not only familiar with the location but also knows its nooks and corners. You can take a professional photographer location for more candid shots.

Do a proper research about the concerned photographer– While choosing your personally known reputed photographer and a local photographer of that destination- always make it a point to do a thorough check about the professional’s experience. Reputation here is one of the primary factors. You might or might not be really familiar with your photographer’s work. But if you are planning to hire them, check their portfolio carefully, ask him for weddings with similar shots as yours, look out for testimonials and also try to go by referrals. At times, the in-house photographer of a destination lacks the necessary creativity and experience for the job. So always make it a point to check the testimonials of the concerned photographer and do ample research about them before you finally hire them.

Discuss the costs– While getting the best destination wedding photographer in Toronto booked for your wedding might sound like a great idea- do brace yourself for all the impending costs that might crop up along with it. If you choose a local photographer, who is willing to travel to the destination, be prepared to cover all his expenses related to travel. This includes the airfare, the hotel bills. But although the affair happens to be slightly extravagant, you will still get a chance to talk and discuss with your local photographer, unlike the in-house wedding photographer whom you have to choose the destination. The idea, however, completely depends on both you and your partner. If capturing the best shots is your concern, make it a point to not only research about the photographer but also choose an expert who is really competent enough to meet your requirements and get your job done just the way you want it.

How to choose a good location for your destination wedding? Well, now that you have decided to go for a destination wedding and already have some idea about choosing the best photographer, you will now have to choose the right destination for your wedding. Although with so many exotic locations, the choice might seem a little baffling at the beginning- once you get a proper – making a pick won’t be as difficult. In case you still don’t know how exactly to choose the perfect location for your destination wedding- here are some guidelines that will help you.

Easy to reach– While choosing a destination, always make it a point to choose a location which at most, is about two flights for your guests. A two flight destination too can be tiring for most guests. So make sure that the flight tickets cost less than $500. Check for discounts and see if you manage a couple of deals for group bookings. Your destination can be exotic, but it should, never, under any condition be far to reach. Make sure that the hassles of the passport are less if you are planning for the wedding outside your country. Choose the destination wisely and no matter how attractive it seems, don’t go for a far-flung land just for the sake of romance. Think about the amenities and choose the location only if it offers you the necessary amenities.

Costs– Another thing that you will need to consider here is the cost. As you would be calling a couple of guests over for the wedding, you will have to make sure that the costs are not too much. Try to go for places that are perfectly affordable, and that come with all-inclusive resorts. Some of the best options here would be Jamaica, Mexico, Costa Rica, Bahamas and the Dominican Republic & Cuba.

The total number of guests attending the wedding- This is one determinant that will help you decide your preferred location. It has a great impact on all the other aspects. For instance, if you are planning to have two hundred guests, it wouldn’t be possible for getting a small resort on rent. At the same time, you will also need the help of a professional wedding planner for handling certain tasks of the wedding.

Well, that’s all you have to do. Once you follow these guidelines choosing and finally hiring the right wedding photographer will be easier than ever. Let us know if you have any questions and make sure to check out our photos of recent destination weddings we have captured.

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