Pros and Cons of a Valentine’s Day Proposal

Valentine’s Day is the most love-filled day of the year, which makes it ideal for getting engaged on. Before you pop the question on this holiday, there are some things you’ll want to consider. Holiday engagements have their advantages and disadvantages, and Valentine’s Day is no different. Here are the pros and cons of a Valentine’s Day proposal according to our talented wedding photographers!


Pros of a Valentine’s Proposal


It’s Romantic and Cute

Valentine’s Day is already known as the most romantic day of the year. With hearts, roses, and chocolate all built-in symbols of the holiday, there’s not much more you’ll have to do to set up a stunning proposal. A Valentine’s Day engagement is rom-com worthy!


Always Have a Memorable Engagement Date

Having a memorable engagement date is extremely important to some people. With a holiday proposal on a day like Valentine’s Day, there’s no chance you won’t remember it for years to come.


Planning is Easy

With so many restaurants, spas, and resorts promoting ready-made Valentine’s packages, planning an engagement is easy. You can get some great deals that will bring the wow factor and romance. All you’ll have to do is bring the ring!


Cons of a Valentine’s Proposal


It’s a Little Cheesy and Predictable

What one person finds romantic, someone else will find cheesy. A Valentine’s Day proposal can seem predictable and cheesy to some people and may even signal you don’t care that much to put in additional effort. It’s all about knowing your partner.


People Will Be Busy

If you were hoping to book a surprise photographer to shoot your engagement, you might want to rethink a Valentine’s Day proposal. Photographers will either be booked up well in advance, charge additional holiday rates, or have their own personal plans. Not only will vendors be busy, but family and friends probably have their own holiday plans, so you may not get to share the news with them on the same day.


Always be a Shared Celebration

Some people may love the idea of having their engagement date tied to a holiday, while others will dread always having to share their anniversary with other celebrations. Again, this is all about knowing your partner. Think about the long-term too. Sharing the celebration for one year might be fine, but are you willing to have your engagement date overshadowed by Valentine’s Day every year?


If you’re looking to propose and want the special moment captured, contact AGI Studio today! Our team of talented, award-winning photographers would love to capture your special day.

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