Pros and Cons of Weekday Weddings

When it comes to weddings, not all days are created equal. In the wedding world, not only are there peak wedding months but there are also peak wedding days. While weekends are by far the most popular days for weddings, there are some upsides to planning a weekday wedding. Here are the pros and cons of a weekday wedding, according to our wedding photographers!


What is a Weekday Wedding?

A weekday wedding is one that is held on a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday. These are the days that most people consider a “weekday.” Fridays and Sundays are sort of a grey area, where some venues and vendors will give discounts for those days if they don’t fall on a holiday or long weekend as they’re less desirable.


Pros of Weekday Weddings


More Affordable

Monday-Thursday is typically considered non-peak days in the wedding industry. Many vendors and venues will offer discounts and incentives for people planning weddings on these days as they’re less busy then. You’ll be able to save some money on major costs and leave you room to invest in things like your dress, décor, and honeymoon.  


Increased Vendor Availability

You’ll realize when planning a wedding that wedding vendors get busy and book up quickly! This is especially true for peak wedding months and days. If you want a top wedding photographer for a Saturday wedding in June, be prepared to book months or years in advance. Vendors and venues usually have more availability on weekdays, so you’ll have more options to pick from.


Keeps it Intimate

One of the hardest things when planning a wedding is trying to keep the guest list low. How many guests you have is one of the biggest factors in how much money you end up spending. Having a weekday wedding means you’ll be able to keep things intimate without offending anyone as a lot of people will probably be busy during the week.


Cons of Weekday Weddings


Difficult for Guests

If you want to keep the guest list small, a weekday wedding is great. If you want people to come, though, a weekday wedding is a hurdle. Guests have things such as work, school, kids to plan around, and they may not be able to attend. Weekday weddings are especially hard for out-of-town guests. Typically, RSVP rates for weekdays weddings are much lower, so be prepared for this.


Earlier Ending and Less Active

Since a weekday equals a workday for most people, you can expect a weekday wedding to end earlier and be less lively. Your guests will have to wake up earlier to get ready for work or take kids to school, so they won’t want to party the night away at your wedding like they would on the weekend.


Reduced Availability

While some vendors will have more availability on weekdays, and may even offer discounts, sometimes the reverse is also true. Some vendors don’t work on the weekdays and instead use Monday-Thursday preparing for weekend weddings. Some venues are also booked for non-wedding events like corporate events or conferences on weekdays.


There are advantages and disadvantages to every day when planning a wedding, which is why the engaged couple needs to review everything beforehand. Whatever day you decide to get married on, AGI Studio is available to capture it. Our professional wedding photographers would love to shoot your special day. Contact us today to book or learn more about our services!


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