What to Include On Your Save The Date Cards

Before wedding invitations officially get sent out, most couples give guests a heads up by sending out save the date cards. These cards are important as they let friends and family know key pieces of information about the wedding so that they can start planning. Here is what you should include on them!


What to Include On Your Save The Date Cards- AGI Studio | Toronto Wedding Photographers


Wedding Date

As you might have guessed, it’s important to include the wedding date. These are Save the Date cards after all! As soon as you have your wedding date nailed down you should send out your Save the Date cards. This gives your guests as much time as possible to start preparing.



Most people tend to pick their venue and wedding date at the same time so that they can ensure they have a place to get married before inviting people. However, it’s not important to announce that information yet. Guests just need a general location, such as the city, so that they roughly know where they’d be expected to travel for the event.



Obviously, if you’re sending out Save the Date cards, you want people to know who it’s for! Be sure to include the bride and groom’s names so that people know whose big day it’s for. It’s not important to include other names, such as the parents or bridal party though.



While most people focus on the information on the Save the Date card, be sure you’re paying attention to who you’re sending them too as well. It’s a good idea to have the guest list nailed down before you start informing people about the event. People will expect a formal invitation if they receive a save the date card so make sure you’re actually planning on inviting them!


Engagement Photos

This isn’t necessarily information, but a lot of people these days use their engagement photos in their save the date cards! This is a great way to share these amazing photos with your guests and get them exciting to celebrate your love. If you plan on using your engagement photos for your Save the Date cards and have a particular style or idea in mind be sure to share it with your engagement photographer!


What to Include On Your Save The Date Cards- AGI Studio | Toronto Wedding Photographers


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