What to Know About Destination Wedding Photography

Planning a beautiful destination wedding? There is additional stress and concern that go into organizing a wedding abroad. However, destination wedding photographs are some of the most beautiful ones. Whether it’s a tropical Caribbean beach or a romantic European city, wedding photos taken abroad can be stunning. But bringing along a wedding photographer comes with additional costs and considerations. Here’s what you need to know.


Why You Should Bring Your Own Photographer

Some people opt for hiring a local photographer or one provided by the resort/hotel. While this does lower costs it comes with its own set of problems. Getting photographed, especially on such a special and romantic day, can be stressful and awkward. When you bring along your own wedding photographer you’ll already have a relationship with them from shooting the engagement and pre-wedding photos. This means you’ll be more comfortable and confident.


What to Know About Destination Wedding Photography- AGI Studio


What Costs Are Included

Costs vary depending on packages, how long the wedding is, and how far the destination wedding is. Clients typically cover the cost of travel and accommodations in addition to paying for photography services. Lots of couples balk at the initial cost, but you get what you pay for. Going for a cheaper photographer will be reflected in the quality of photos and experience you get. There is no point in traveling to such a beautiful location if you don’t have someone there to capture it.


What to Know About Destination Wedding Photography- AGI Studio


What to Plan Ahead of Time

Before you arrive at the destination, try to research some places you’d like to take photographs. Your wedding photographer will do the same! Make sure to carve out extra time to take wedding photos at a destination wedding also. This way you can explore and experiment to get the best possible photos.


What to Know About Destination Wedding Photography- AGI Studio


Final Thoughts

Destination weddings are some of our most favorite to shoot, and not just because we get to visit awesome new locations! Travel is an experience in itself. There is something magical about visiting a new location while also embarking on a new journey. Our destination wedding photographers love to capture the local city’s personality in tandem with the couple’s.


What to Know About Destination Wedding Photography- AGI Studio


Contact us with any questions or to book one of our amazing destination wedding photographers! Be sure to check out some of our past destination weddings as well.

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