What to Wear for Your Engagement Photos

At AGI Studios, we love engagement sessions. It’s a great way to learn about the couple before the big day and get the couple comfortable with us. Wedding photos tend to be more formal, but engagement photography is all about letting the couple’s personality shine. One of the top questions our engagement photographers get asked is, “what should we wear”? Outfits help set the tone for the shoot, not to mention these photos will probably be used for portraits, save-the-date cards, guest books, wedding websites, and online! That’s a lot of pressure on one outfit, so here are some tips on what to wear.


Couples Should Coordinate

You and your significant other should definitely coordinate your outfits. That doesn’t mean you need to match, you’re not twins after all. But you want the looks to go together. The two components of coordinating to focus on are the level of formality and color palette.


It’s important that the two outfits feel as if they can be worn to the same event. For example, you don’t want the bride-to-be in a formal gown and the groom-to-be in cargo shorts! Whatever style you decide to go for, causal or formal, both outfits should reflect this.


The color palette is also a great way to make sure you’re coordinating. Stick to two to three colors to keep it simple. It can be something simple like blue jeans and a white shirt for both of you. Or you can both wear light, pastel colors. Either way, you want the colors to flow.


Keep it Timeless

Do you ever look back on your parents’ wedding photos and laugh at their dated clothing? Photos always reflect their era, but fashion trends come and go so fast it’s best to try to keep outfits as timeless as possible to avoid a picture looking dated in just a few years. Stick to classic outfits and color pallets to avoid your kids laughing at your photos in a few years. This advice goes for hair and accessories as well!


Layer and Accessorize

If you’re doing your engagement session in the fall or winter months, layers aren’t just cute but necessary. Layering is great advice all year round though. It adds depth and texture to the images. Not to mention, it gives you and your significant other a chance to let your personality shine.


Look like Yourself

The best advice we give our clients is that when you look at these photos you want to see yourself. It’s tempting to get all dolled up or try a fun style, but the end result may be you don’t recognize yourself in the shot. You want to look your best but still, look like you. We often find that when clients wear outfits their not comfortable in it’s a lot harder to get natural looking shots so don’t be afraid to wear what feels right.

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