16 Stunning Bridal Veil Shots to Capture

The veil has a long history in weddings, and it’s one tradition that’s stuck around. For many brides, the veil is the element that takes their wedding day look from “great” to “wow”! There’s a reason bridal consultants will put the veil on once a bride has selected her wedding dress- it completes the look! Veils are also a great tool to create some truly stunning wedding photos. Here are some of our wedding photographers’ favorite veil shots.



For a dramatic shot, have your photographer toss the veil so that it’s in the foreground while the bride and groom are in the background. Using the veil in this way really gives the shot a wedding feel and draws the eye to the bride or couple.


Veil Toss

The veil toss is one of the classic wedding photographs, and there’s a reason why. It creates a stunning, dramatic shot that really shows off the veil and gown. It will take a few tries to get perfect, but it will become one of your favorite wedding photos when it does.



If you have a long, flowing veil, you’ll definitely want to capture that with a cascading veil shot. Let the veil drape down a staircase to show off its length. This type of shot is great because it will also highlight the beautiful wedding dress too.


Veil Cover

Have your photographer cover you and your spouse with the veil for a soft romantic shot. This frames the couple and creates an intimate photo you’ll love for years.


Behind Shot

While you’ll probably wear a veil over your face for the ceremony, our photographers love to capture them from behind. The way they drape over the bride as they walk just looks so stunning and editorial. It’s also a great shot for brides that are shy around the camera.


Over the Shoulder

Another easy shot that looks great is the over-the-shoulder veil shot. It’s a standard bridal portrait position where the bride looks over her shoulder with the veil framing her. It’s similar to the behind shot but also captures the bride’s face.


Bridal Portrait

There are a few different bridal portrait shots your photographer will capture, but the ones where the veil is covering the bride look stunning. It really creates soft, romantic shots, and it’s great for brides that are a little shy.


Aisle Entrance

The bride’s arrival really marks the start of the wedding, and you’ll want your photographer to capture that moment. Whether or not you wear the veil over your head or not, make sure your photographer is positioned so they can capture your entrance.



For an editorial look that is straight out of a magazine, have your photographer get a silhouette shot of you and your veil. Having the bride framed in a window with the light shining around her looks truly stunning.


Getting Ready

Getting ready shots are a staple part of the bridal experience. Use the veil to create dynamic shots like the bridesmaids putting it in or playing with it.


Flower Girl

Having a flower girl in your wedding party? Create a sweet moment with them and your veil! It will create an adorable shot that your flower girl can fawn over once they get older.



For a slightly different veil shot, you and your groom can lie on the ground. This creates an editorial shot that highlights both outfits, especially the veil. Just make sure you’re careful about where you lay so you don’t damage or mark your gown.


Veil Lift

Traditionally, the bride wore the veil over her face during the ceremony until the vows were read. Then the groom lifts the veil for the first kiss. The veil lift is still one of our photographers’ favorite shots!



While veil shots are often dramatic, they can also be fun! The flowing material often moves perfectly, so toss it, twirl, and dance to create movement that really shows it off.


Wedding Party

Bridal party shots are a key part of wedding photography. Your bridesmaids and groomsmen are probably your closest friends, so it only makes sense to get a few shots with them. While you’ll take photos throughout the getting ready process, be sure to include the full bridal look, veil included, in some of them.



Many brides put just as much thought into their veil as they do their gown. Make sure to ask your wedding photographer to get some close-up shots of your veil, especially if it has detailing like lace or beading.


Are you looking for a wedding videographer or photographer to capture your big day? Contact AGI Studio today! We’d love to shoot every moment and detail of your wedding, including the veil.

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