4 Questions to Ask your Toronto Wedding Videographer


Wedding videos are becoming increasingly popular, and it’s easy to see why. Wedding photography does a great job capturing key moments of your special day. But it’s wedding videos that are able to capture the whole story, not just of your wedding day but also of the entire relationship that got you to this point. It’s important to find the right person for the job though, so be sure to ask your wedding videographer these questions before hiring them.


Q: How many wedding videos have you shot?


Experience is important, especially when it comes to a big day like your wedding. Certain moments will not be recreated, so if the videographer isn’t ready or doesn’t capture them they won’t make it in the video. Be sure to take a peek at their wedding videography portfolio to make sure you’re satisfied with their previous work.


Q: Do you work well with others?


A beautiful wedding is the result of multiple parties coming and working well together. Run your vendors by the videographer to see if they’ve worked with them be for. Most importantly, your wedding photographer and wedding videographer should be on the same page. Here at AGI, our photographers and videographers have worked together for years, and know how to help one another get the most beautiful shots.


Q: Who will take over if you’re unable to make the wedding?


Couples spend a lot of time and money planning their big day, but unfortunately, sometimes life happens. It’s always a good idea to have a backup plan in place. Ask your potential videographer who would step in their place if they were sick or otherwise unable to make the big day. Thankfully, here at AGI Studios, we have a team of wonderful Toronto wedding videographers and one of them step in if something happened to the original one.


Q: How much creative input do we get?


Wedding videos is an art, but they’re also about the happy couple. Some videographers have a hard time being flexible with their vision. Others love suggests and input from clients to make it feel more personable. Here at AGI we always make sure to ask the couple what they want and include any elements that mean a lot to them. This extends to location, theme, props, outfits, music, and more!


Feel free to contact us to learn more or to book one of our amazing wedding videographers for your wedding!

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