4 Reasons to Hire a Wedding Rehearsal Dinner Photographer

Anyone who has gotten married knows that the events leading up to the big day are important and special as well. From the engagement party to the rehearsal dinner, there will be tons of events that you’ll want to celebrate and remember. The rehearsal dinner, which typically takes place the night before the wedding, is the sort of the last hurrah for you to enjoy with your family and friends before the big day. Some wedding photographers have options to shoot the rehearsal dinner as part of the wedding photography package.  Here are a few reasons you may want a professional photographer there to capture this event.


Capture Once-in-a-Lifetime Feelings

The wedding day is undeniably special, but there is something so magical about all the excitement and anticipation the night before. The rehearsal dinner tends to be more relaxed, though still just as emotional. Your photographer will be able to capture all of the excitement and fun building up to the big moment.


Get Comfortable with Photographer

Chance are, you’ve interacted with your wedding photographer before the big day. Maybe through email correspondence, or maybe they took your engagement photos. Either way, if you still don’t feel totally comfortable in front of the camera, the rehearsal dinner is another chance for you to see your photographer in action. Rehearsal dinners also tend to be more casual and intimate, so you’ll really get to know them so that you’ll feel more confident with them shooting you on your special day.


Chance for More Pictures

The wedding day will be busier than you can imagine. While your wedding photographer will have a shot list of key groupings and things to capture, there may be some they miss due to time constraints. The rehearsal dinner gives you a chance to take photos with your family members and even get a few extra couples portraits in. This should make you more relaxed on the wedding day and less worried about taking a picture with everyone.


Shoot Special Speeches

Speeches aren’t just for the reception. The rehearsal dinner is a common time for family and friends to give a little speech. Some of these can be just as memorable as the wedding day ones, especially if you’re limited on who’s speaking on the day. A photographer or videographer can be there at the rehearsal dinner capturing all these special speeches so that you can remember them for years to come.


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