5 Ways to Keep Your Guests Warm at a Winter Wedding

The weather has chilled, and snow has fallen, which means winter is upon us! While spring and summer are the most popular times of year to get married, winter weddings are some of the most romantic ones AGI’s wedding photographers have shot. The white snow and twinkling lights create the perfect atmosphere to celebrate love, but no one enjoys being cold. Here are some ways you can keep guests warm at your fall and winter wedding!

Outdoor Heaters

While most winter weddings in Canada are indoors, guests may still want to linger outside. If there is a terrace or patio, or if you want to have part of the celebration outside, make sure you have some outdoor heaters to fight the chill and keep your guests comfortable. Your wedding venue may even already have these available, just ask.


Fire Pit

Fire pits are a great addition to a wedding because not only do they keep guests warm, but they’re also a fun feature. You can even offer special goodies for people to enjoy around the fire, like hot chocolate, mulled wine, or even smores!



Instead of opting for candles or candies for the guest gifts, why not embrace the cozy winter vibes and give away some blankets? These are especially great if you’re still doing part of the ceremony or celebration outside. If blankets are too much money for guest gifts, you could still get a few to have available for guests that get cold easily.


Warm Beverages

One of the best things about the wintertime is all of the yummy, warm beverages that go with it. In addition to serving soft drinks and wine, consider offering a few warm options as well. Add mulled wine, hot chocolate, Irish coffee, and other tasty, heated drinks. These will keep your wedding on theme and guests warm and toasty.


Comfort Foods

Having tasty food always makes a wedding memorable. If you’re getting married in the wintertime, consider adding heavier comfort foods to the menu. Think soups, mac and cheese, potatoes, etc. These are often comfort foods for people and are hearty and delicious on a cold day.


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