Top Color Trends for 2023 Weddings

The color palette is one of the most important elements of the wedding. It helps influence every other aspect of the day- from the flowers to the wedding party looks. If you’re planning on getting married in 2023, and need some inspiration, here are some of the top color trends people are embracing in the new year!



Emerald Green

Emerald is definitely the hot color right now. From engagement ring stones to interior design, this color is everywhere! Emerald green has a long history- symbolizing wealth, royalty, and balance throughout history. This vibrant color goes well with almost any accent color, evokes the warmth of nature, and has a richness that will bring a sense of elegance and luxury to your wedding.


Rust Orange

Vintage hues are going to be big in 2023, and rust orange will be popping up more. Rust orange not only evokes warm, earthy tones that are big, but it’s also unique and rich. You can mix it with other earthy tones like beige, sand, brown, and greens for the ultimate dessert boho vibe.



Dusty Blue

Light blues have always been a staple in weddings. The soft color looks good on almost everyone and has a romantic airiness to it that people seem to love. All shades of blue are classic and timeless, but dusty blue is especially having a moment lately and will be seen more in the coming year.


Wine Red

If you’re looking for a rich, elegant color for your 2023 wedding, consider red wine! This retro hue is making a comeback. The darker tone works well for fall and winter weddings and can even work for spring and summer when combined with lighter shades. The deep color works well on most people, so it’s great for the bridal party, and the color will pop in your venue.



Peachy Pink

Move over blush! A new shade of pink will dominate weddings in 2022. Instead of the pale pinks of the past, people are now embracing a warmer, peachy tone. Peach is perfect for spring and summer weddings and goes great with accent colors like navy, mint green, and even emerald! Peach doesn’t compliment everyone’s skin tone, so it may not be the right choice for a bridesmaid dress, but you can still integrate it into other décor elements.


Whatever color palette you go with for your 2023 wedding, AGI Studio would be honored to shoot it! Contact us today to chat about how we can capture your special day.

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