5 Tips to Get the Perfect Wedding Day Ring Shots

The wedding rings are a physical symbol of love and commitment and play an important role in the wedding ceremony. As wedding photographers, one of the shots we always make sure to grab is of the rings. Not only do they symbolize your marriage to one another, but they also often have special elements that speak to your love story and personality. While our photographers will take care of the lighting and placement, there are a few things we encourage couples to do to ensure the perfect shot before the big day.



Get Them Cleaned

Whoever is picking up the wedding bands should make sure that they’re shiny and clean before leaving the jeweler. We also highly recommend you bring the engagement ring in and give that a good clean too, as it’s probably lost its luster a bit from daily wear. Wedding photographers will be taking a lot of close-up shots, so they’ll notice every little scratch, smudge, and piece of dust.


Make Hands Presentable

Photographers typically take a few different types of shots of wedding rings. They’ll get some solo shots of just the rings, but they also like to include your hands. The last thing you want is hangnails, dirt, and chipped nail polish to be visible next to them. Most brides already have a manicure on their getting ready list, but grooms should book one too! A simple clean-up works wonders both every gender.


Ensure They Fit

This may seem obvious, but some couples make the mistake of not trying on their wedding bands before the big day. Nothing ruins the ceremony quite like the ring not going on or being too big and sliding off. Your finger sizes can also change depending on the weather and season. So, if you bought your rings in the winter time, you may find they no longer fit in the summer, when the heat makes our fingers expand. Make sure you get your rings fitted before the actual wedding day to avoid any mishaps.



Double Check They’re There

It might seem like a bad plot in a romantic comedy, but some people truly do forget to bring the rings! You’ve probably arranged to pick up the rings yourself or left the task to a trusted family member or friend, but make sure to double-check you have them before the actual ceremony starts. Our photographers will probably remind you when they take some shots ahead of time.


Point Out Details

If there are any special details about your rings, let your wedding photographer know! Maybe there’s an inscription engraved inside, or maybe there’s a little detail in the band that’s special to you two. Give the photographer a heads-up so they can capture it in the shots.



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