5 Colors Wedding Guests Should Never Wear

Being invited to a wedding as a guest can be exciting. However, finding the perfect outfit for the wedding can be complicated, especially when so many colors are considered off-limits! Etiquette for guest attire has changed a bit throughout the years, Some colors that were once taboo such as black, are now totally fine to wear to most weddings. But some colors are still absolutely off-limits, and our wedding photographers have seen all sorts of drama that comes from guests wearing the wrong color. So here are the colors that guests should stay away from!



Unless specifically told otherwise, it is never okay to wear white to a wedding. The majority of brides these days wear white wedding dresses. Brides spend a lot of money and time planning the perfect wedding, and it’s only fair that they should stand out on their special day. Stay away from any near-white colors as well such as ivory, cream, or light pastels, or anything that is a pattern that is mostly white. If you’re wondering if the outfit you’ve picked out is too close to white, just run it by the couple getting married beforehand!


Sparkly Metallics

The wedding day should be all about the happy couple getting married. That’s why guests shouldn’t wear outfits that upstage the bride. Stay away from any outfits that are too sparkly or metallic, especially if it’s a daytime or informal wedding. Glittery gowns tend to be more acceptable for formal, evening wedding or holiday weddings. As long as the outfit isn’t trying to steal the spotlight from the newlyweds you should be fine.


Bridesmaid Dress Color

This can be a little tricky, because guests may not always know what color dress the bridesmaids will be wearing. Showing up in a dress the same color as the bridesmaid isn’t a great idea though. Not only does this make it confusing for the wedding photographer that might mistake you for part of the wedding party, it could also rub the bride the wrong way. Don’t be afraid to ask the bride what the bridesmaids’ colors are, or if you don’t know the bride well take clues from the wedding invite. Most bridesmaids wear one of the wedding colors.



Red holds a lot of significant meaning in certain cultures. While at Western weddings, wearing red might be fine, its still a bold color that could draw too much attention. However, if you’re attending a Chinese or Indian wedding, absolutely do not wear red. Chinese brides tend to wear a red dress at some point during their wedding, as the color is lucky in that culture.



Neon colors might be in style, but that doesn’t make them appropriate for a wedding. Neon colors are bold, bright, and out of place for the majority of weddings. Keep your wedding outfit classy and understated! You don’t want to be a highlighter in a sea of muted colors. Most neon outfits would also upstage the bride, which is a major no-no, so it’s best to avoid neon shades.


Final Thoughts

Picking the perfect outfit as a wedding guest might be lower stakes than say picking a wedding gown, but it can still be a struggle! Guests should wear something that doesn’t upstage the newlyweds (especially the bride!), or the bridal party. If you’re ever unsure about an outfit you’re considering, just run it by someone close to the bride or groom!

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