4 Things You Should Assist Your Wedding Photographer With

Brides and grooms have a lot to deal with on their wedding day. Part of the reason people hire vendors is so that they don’t have to manage every single task. As wedding photographers, our goal is to make the day as least stressful as possible for the happy couple while capturing the special moments. In order to do that though, we usually need a little help from the couple ahead of time. Here are a few things you might have to help your photographer with or to get someone else to help them with!


The Shot List

A shot list is simply a list of photographs you want your wedding photographer to capture. The big moments such as the first kiss and walking down the aisle are always on there. But more importantly, wedding photographers need the couple getting married to list the combinations of people they want in the wedding portraits. A photographer won’t know whether you want your Aunt Sally involved or not unless you tell them. So ahead of time make sure you make a list of people you absolutely want to be included, and any key group combinations that way your wedding photographer can capture everything you want.


Important Names

When making your shot list, also be kind enough to write out the names of whom everyone important is. This doesn’t have to be the entire guest list, but most photographers want to know the name of the wedding party and immediate family. It makes it much easier to call out directions. It also sounds much more polite to call out someone’s name than “the lady in the red” or “sir, look over here!”.


Rounding People Up

One of the hardest parts about taking wedding photos is rounding everyone up. This isn’t really something you can leave to your wedding photographer since they don’t know everyone. It’s a good idea to assign someone to herd everyone on the wedding day. Make sure to select someone that knows most people and that won’t be busy with other tasks like the Maid of Honor.


Family Dynamics

Wedding photographers have heard and seen it all. Wedding days are stressful for everyone involved, and there is bound to be some sort of family drama. Most families have some unique dynamic, and in order to avoid creating uncomfortable situations be sure to let your photographer know ahead of time if there is any family drama. For example, if the bride’s sister’s don’t get along or if the groom’s parents are divorced, your photographer will know how to best arrange them so that everyone is happy and comfortable.


Final Thoughts

As wedding photographers, we don’t want to add any extra stress on the couple on their wedding day. That’s why we usually request assistance on these key things ahead of time. So in order to have a smooth wedding day, and to get the most amazing wedding photographs, be sure t help your wedding photographer with these items.


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