How to Pick the Perfect Pre-Wedding Shoot Location

When hiring a photographer for your wedding, they might discuss pre-wedding shoots with you. A pre-wedding shoot is when the bride and groom get dressed up in their wedding attire and take formal photos before the wedding day. This allows the couple to get some stunning wedding photos without having to worry about time constraints or any wedding day drama. Choosing where the have the pre-wedding shoot is one element the couple has to decide on, so here are a few helpful tips!


Wedding Venue or Not

The first thing to discuss is whether or not you want to take your pre-wedding photos at the same location as your wedding venue. Some people opt to take the photos at the same place so that they don’t have to spend precious time at their wedding taking photos. Others prefer to take pre-wedding photos at a separate location from their wedding venue. Both options are available, but if you decide to select a second location here are a few more tips.


Weather and Seasons

What season it is and how the weather is will play a big role in determining where to take pre-wedding photos. An outdoor pre-wedding session in the wintertime might not be ideal because it might require the bride to cover up her dress. If it’s currently rainy out, your wedding photographer might also suggest an indoor location. It’s just a good idea to consider the elements before deciding where to take your pre-wedding photos.


Style and Theme

Pre-wedding photos tend to be more formal than engagement photos, but the style and theme of them is really up to you! If you want something modern consider a downtown Toronto location. If you’re looking for something more classic consider one of Toronto’s old historic buildings! Be sure to consider color as well when you’re deciding on the location. Do you want the white gown to stand out against a colorful exterior or are you aiming for a monochromatic theme?


Final Thoughts

Regardless of where you decide to take your pre-wedding photos, they will turn out beautiful! Pre-wedding photography is a great way to get comfortable with your wedding photographer before the day and to reduce the pressure on wedding day portraits. Be sure to run your location ideas by the photographer to get their input!


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