5 Things Every Outdoor Summer Wedding Needs

Summer is by far the most popular season for weddings, especially in Toronto, where winters can be long and brutal. While summer is a great season to say “I do,” there are some things you should consider if you’re planning an outdoor wedding. Our wedding photographers have compiled a list of things you should try to include to make your wedding memorable and enjoyable for your guests!



Summer means the sun is out and shining bright. While this means you’ll have some gorgeous light for your wedding photos, it also means your guests will be sweating in their fancy clothes. Make sure your outdoor venue has plenty of shade for guests to hide beneath. If it’s a particularly sunny day, you may also want to have a few bottles of sunscreen around so that no one gets sunburnt.


Bug Spray

People aren’t the only ones that love the heat. The bugs will be out in full force too! Nothing ruins a beautiful outdoor wedding, quite like getting feasted on by mosquitos. If you’re doing an outdoor summer wedding, be sure to provide guests with plenty of bug spray to keep them at bay.



Standing in the heat can be exhausting, especially for older guests and children. While your ceremony and reception will likely have seating, don’t forget to provide chairs for the cocktail hour as well. Make sure guests won’t be searing themselves on them either, so avoid metal or black chairs, especially if they’ll be in the sun.



It’s important to keep all your guests hydrated. Keep the bar stocked with plenty of water, or even have a separate cooler of bottles so that guests can grab them without waiting in line. The last thing you want is your great aunt passing out as your reading your vows.


Fan or AC

Shade is great, but blowing air is even better. Consider renting a few portable AC units or even some electrical fans. If electrical units aren’t possible at the venue, you could even hand out paper fans for each guest. It will go a long way to keep guests cool and comfortable during the celebration.


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