5 Tips for Choosing Wedding Favors Guests Will Actually Want

Weddings are expensive and time-consuming, not just for the couple getting hitched but also for the guests attending! Favors are a great way to show your guests appreciation for their support on your big day. While many guests love wedding favors, all too often, these tokens get left behind or tossed immediately once they arrive home. To guarantee guests love your wedding favors, here are some tips on picking them.


Be Practical

Like any good gift, you want to be thoughtful in what you’re giving. Before you drop a lot of money on monogrammed beer koozies or hand-knitted coasters, take a moment to ask yourself- is this something you’d want to receive? The best wedding favors are ones that are either edible or practical. Some great practical wedding favors include luggage tags, candles, frames, etc.


Don’t Personalize

It can be incredibly tempting to personalize wedding favors. The whole industry seems to encourage brides and grooms to stamp their names, initials, and wedding date over whatever gift your give. While you may enjoy having your new name or wedding anniversary date stamped on everything, chances are your guests won’t care. When you put your monogram or wedding date on your favors, you’re pretty much rendering it useless to your guests.


Pick Something Meaningful

Now just because you shouldn’t personalize your wedding favors doesn’t mean they can’t be meaningful to you and your relationship! You can (and should!) try to make your wedding favors meaningful in some way to your wedding or relationship. If your spouse proposed in Italy, little bottles of olive oil are perfect! Or maybe you love traveling- why not include candles with the various locations you’ve been to.


Try Before You Buy

Most wedding favors are bought in bulk, so make sure you try it out before you end up with 300 bottles of the worst wine you’ve ever tasted. Many wedding favor vendors will let you try samples, so take advantage of this. Chances are, if you don’t enjoy your wedding favors, your guests won’t either.


Keep it On Theme

The most memorable guest favors are ones that fit within the wedding theme or style. Think of them as an extension of the décor. For example, if you’re planning a high-end black-tie wedding, going for rustic bottles of maple syrup as a favor will feel out of place. However, if your wedding theme is sunflowers, giving guests little pots of flowers and seeds makes perfect sense!


No matter what wedding guest favors you choose, AGI Studio would love to capture your special day! Contact us today to book one of our talented, award-winning wedding photographers or videographers.

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