5 Tips for Preparing for a Snowy Wedding Day

There’s something so magical about snowfall. As beautiful as it can be, even those that are used to the weather still know what a headache it can be. If you’re planning a winter wedding in Canada, you should at least prepare for the chance of snow. Here are some helpful tips from our wedding photographers on how to prep for possible snow on your wedding day.



Lean Into It

Instead of fighting against nature, embrace the snowy conditions and let it inspire your wedding day. Serve cozy drinks, rich food, and transform your wedding venue into a winter wonderland. If you had your heart set on outdoor pictures, that could still happen even with snow! Our wedding photographers love capturing the newlyweds against white, untouched snow. Embracing the snowy weather makes it much easier to deal with if it does come.


Prepare for Warmth

Whether it snows or is just a classic chilly Canadian winter day, have warmth at the forefront of your planning. Provide scarves and blankets for your guests. Make sure your venue has heating or fireplaces. Serve warm drinks like hot chocolate to keep everyone toasty. Make sure you also have bridal accessories to keep you warm as well.


Keep Guests in Mind

While you might be okay with snow, not all of your guests may be used to the weather. Look into things like shoveling and salting the sidewalk into the venue so guests don’t have to climb over snow in cocktail attire. Plan alternative travel in case of road closures or guests that aren’t comfortable or experienced driving in snow.


Extend the Timeline

Canadians know that the snow slows everything down. With that in mind, give yourself, vendors, and guests extra time if it snows on your big day. Traveling will take longer so plan on that, not just for yourself but also for everyone else attending the wedding. Thankfully most people are accommodating when bad weather hits.


Be Flexible and Calm

Bad weather can upturn even the most well-thought-out plans and even backup plans! If the worst is to happen and your venue shuts down or your caterer can’t arrive, remind yourself that the day is about the love you have for your SO. Be adaptable, keep calm, and focus on the positives of the day.


Are you looking for a photographer to capture your winter wonderland wedding? Contact AGI Studio today! Our team of experienced wedding videographers and photographers would be honored to shoot your big day, snow or shine!


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