Wedding Tradition Breakdown: Wedding Cake Toppers

When you picture a wedding, one of the most iconic elements is the wedding cake. And no wedding cake is complete without a cake topper. But how exactly did the tradition of topping the cake with little figurines of the couple come about? Our wedding photographers break down the history of this long-standing wedding tradition!



Wedding cake toppers have been around for centuries, representing the couples’ likeness. While there are conflicting records on when and where they exactly came about, they took off in popularity in the Victorian era.


In 1840, Queen Victoria crowned the top of her wedding cake with mini sculptures of herself and Prince Albert. After that, the tradition of bride-and-groom cake toppers was born, which means we can credit two major wedding traditions to Queen Victoria.


The trend crossed the waters to the United States in the 1920s, and cake toppers cemented their iconic status in the 1950s after World War II.



Originally, the cake toppers were just a cute symbol of the bride and groom, but around the 1950s the cake topper came to symbolize marriage stability. The cake topper also represents togetherness, showing the bride and groom standing strong. Couples also keep the cake topper as a symbol of their wedding day.



Today, cake toppers are still an important wedding tradition that symbolizes the togetherness of the couple. The look of them has changed some though. While many couples stick with the classic, formal design of the couple in wedding attire, there are more options these days that reflect the growing diversity in marriages. There are now same-sex, multi-ethnic, and even sillier options available. Some couples also add pets or kids to their cake topper, or even forego the figurines and instead opt for initials. There’s also the option of not using a cake topper at all and leaving the cake bare!


Cake toppers are a tradition that isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Our wedding photographers love how they make wedding cakes pop and show off the personality of the couple getting married. If you’re looking for a wedding photographer or videographer to capture your special day, cake and topper included, contact AGI Studio today!

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