6 Things Wedding Photographers Wish You’d Tell Them

At AGI Studio, we’ve been to countless weddings. Couples invest a lot of time and money into this big day, and it can be extremely stressful how much they have to juggle. Knowing this we try not to push on getting too much information from them, only getting what we need. Even so, here are six things we secretly wish couples would tell wedding photographers.


Other Vendor’s Information

Wedding photographers have to work closely with other wedding vendors on the day, especially the DJ (or band) and wedding planner (day-of-coordinator). It’s immensely helpful to have their names and contact information ahead of time. This way we can coordinate things without having to make the couple the middle-person, which can add stress.


Names of Family and Wedding Party

There is a lot of coordinating or corralling, people as a wedding photographer. We’d prefer to call people by their name when we need to swap people for shots or have them turn. Yelling out “hey you” or “guy over there” can come across rude, and we hate being put in that awkward position. Having a list of important people makes the day smoother and more fun.


Special Needs Considerations

If there anyone at your wedding with special needs considerations such as hearing, vision, or mobility impairments please let us know ahead of time. Also, let us know if anyone has issues with flashing lights, overheating, or is pregnant or injured. Having this information means we can plan accordingly. For example, if we know a family member is in a wheelchair we won’t plan on taking wedding pictures in a place inaccessible to them.


Family Dynamics and Drama

Look, every family has drama. As wedding photographers, we’ve heard and seen just about every family dynamic or fight you can think of. When we’re shooting your big day we often ask people to pose by putting arms around one another, standing close etc. We’d hate to ask your divorced parents to do something they’re uncomfortable with or start more family drama by not including a certain cousin. We want to capture the happiness and love of your wedding day, so please let us know if there’s any drama so that we can keep it that way!


Any Surprises

These days many couples love to plan special surprises for the guests. Whether that’s a crazy dance or a firework show, please let us know ahead of time. Guests may enjoy the surprise of it, but as wedding photographers, it sends us into a panic. We want to capture all these incredible moments at your wedding, but that can be hard if we don’t know they’re coming! If you leave us out of the loop you risk losing out on the pictures!


Special Wedding Details

As photographers, we love to capture the little details that pull the wedding day together. Many couples spend hours DIYing décor or invest extra money in a cool feature. We want to capture these amazing details so that you can remember them forever. Be sure to let us know what wedding details matter most to you and we’ll definitely get pictures of it!


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