Expect to See These Wedding Trends in 2019

Like with any other industry, there are trends when it comes to weddings every year. From food to dress, what’s popular at weddings is constantly shifting. As wedding photographers, we love that we’re constantly capturing new things. Pinterest released their list of trends to expect to see this year, and here are the ones we’re most excited about shooting at Toronto weddings this year.


Backyard Weddings

Weddings can be expensive, and many young couples are now embracing smaller more intimate affairs to help with cost-cutting. According to Pinterest, searches for backyard weddings are up 441%!


Most people in Toronto don’t have backyards in the city, but many opt for using their family cottages for a cozy wedding. Backyard weddings are so much fun for our wedding photographers as the smaller event and guest list means we can capture more of what goes on. These also tend to be the most relaxed and fun weddings too!


Smoke Bomb Photography

This is one trend we absolutely love. Smoke bombs provide a fun and colorful pop to wedding photography. They look great in wedding videos as well! There’s a reason searches for his have gone up 436%. Smoke bombs make for some awesome wedding photos! Whether you use them for engagement photos or wedding photos, we’re always down to include this in our work.


If you’re interested in smoke bomb photography, feel free to tell us. We’ll be sure to go to a location where the smoke will be safe. We also can advise you on the best colors to use for maximum impact!


Gold Wedding Dresses

Western weddings traditionally feature the bride in a white wedding dress, but Asian weddings commonly feature a red or gold dress. Now it seems the rest of the world is beginning to see how stunning a gold wedding dress can be because searches for it are up 1552!


Our Toronto wedding photographers love when brides have colorful gowns, especially gold ones. The shimmer of the metallic just looks so wonderful. If you’re not sold on wearing a gold dress on the day of consider wearing on for your engagement or pre-wedding photo shoot!


Neon Signs

Wedding signs aren’t a new trend, but neon ones are. It’s easier and cheaper than ever before to get a customized wedding neon sign, and people are jumping at this trend. There’s been a 281% increase in searches for them!


Neon signs add a vibrant, modern twist. The bold neon contrasts beautifully against the flowing gowns. If you have a special neon sign at your wedding be sure to let us know so we can get some amazing wedding photos in front of it!


Flower Garland

Don’t limit the flowers to the bouquets! In 2019 expect to see more flower garlands at Toronto weddings. Whether they’re draped along the tables or hung from the ceiling, flower garlands are stunning. They provide freshness to any wedding décor, so it’s no wonder searches for them are up 1154%!


Flowers are a timeless photography backdrop, so consider making a feature wall using flower garlands. This could mean hanging them together or using them to decorate the altar.


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