A Guide to Pre-Wedding Events

Planning a wedding is no easy feat, especially since there are a number of other pre-wedding events that go along with it. These days there are multiple smaller events leading up to the big day, from an engagement party to the reception dinner. Hosting a handful of events is no easy task, so here is a quick guide on all of the most common pre-wedding events!


Engagement Party

Making the choice to commit yourself to another person is huge, and that decision deserves to be celebrated! Engagement parties are great opportunities to not only celebrate taking the next step in a relationship but also to have the two families come together before the big day. Engagement parties are typically hosted by either the bride or groom’s parents and usually happen around 3 months after the engagement. Engagement parties are also a great time to test out your wedding photographer and have them capture this event!


Bridal Shower

A bridal shower is celebrated closer to the wedding day, usually around two weeks prior. This event celebrates the bride and showers her with gifts, hence the name! These days, many people are opting to do a couple’s shower to celebrate both partners getting married rather than just the bride. There are no specific guidelines on who should host this event, but it’s usually close friends or family or the bride, and it’s typically a ladies only event.


Bachelor & Bachelorette Party

The bachelor and bachelorette party tends to be thought of as one of the more fun and casual events before the wedding. This is when the bride and groom can let loose and have a great time with their wedding party. These fun parties tend to be closer to the wedding, but don’t make the mistake of planning it the weekend before the wedding. The last thing you want to do is look tired in your wedding photos! The maid-of-honor and best man are responsible for planning these respective events, which is another reason why brides and grooms enjoy them so much- they don’t have to plan them!


Welcome Party

A welcome party is for couples that are hosting a weekend-long wedding or a destination wedding, so not every wedding will have one. This event is a great way to kick off a weekend of wedding festivities. A welcome party is usually a casual cocktail party that allows guests to mingle and get introduced to one another. It’s typically a night or two before the wedding day.


Rehearsal Dinner

The rehearsal dinner is the last pre-wedding event before the big day! This takes place the night before the wedding and is usually a meal for close family and the wedding party. It happens after the rehearsal run-through at the venue. It’s a great chance to take a few quiet moments with those close to you before the chaos of the next day. The groom’s parents traditionally host this event. During the rehearsal dinner, there are usually a few speeches, especially from the bride and groom to thank all those that helped them get to their special day.


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